Graham Moss (portrayed by Dejan Loyola): A teacher who loses his job due to being a zombie and is later hired to tutor the kids at Liv’s Renegade headquarters. Prime Video This video is currently unavailable. Ravi: And a pretty big penis. With Fillmore-Graves offering brain tubes to the public, he no longer is able to extort his existing clientele for their food supply. While investigating the murder of a Seattle Seahawk superfan, Liv has a surprising vision; Major mentors young, homeless zombies; Ravi carries a torch for Peyton; Blaine deals with a threat looming from his past. Dot Zom Videos. The final season, Season five, was released in 2019, and it broke several records. 4 Episodes 2017. Dezember 2017 4: 13 26. He returns in the fourth episode of the fifth season as a suspect in a murder investigation, where it is revealed he also deals mind-altering substances. New on Netflix in August. It is a loose adaptation of the comic book series of the same name created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred, and published by DC Comics under their Vertigo imprint. Added: May … Luta (portrayed by Darryl Quon, season 1): An employee of Blaine's at Meat Cute whose slip-up helps Major confirm the truth about zombies. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle ... 4. After recurring in three episodes each in both the second and third season, it was announced the character would be promoted to the main cast with the fourth season. Friction between the two developed in the third season, as Clive interfered with a murder investigation Cavanaugh was leading; as he knew the victims, and (unknown to Cavanaugh) it appeared to be a hate crime against zombies. [3] Blaine was incidentally turned into a zombie by Liv when she threw her Max Rager drink in his face, after he attempted to grope her while high on the Utopium. In exchange for his testimonies Blaine receives immunity for his (known) crimes, and grows close to Peyton who was assigned the case. Upon Angus' kidnapping it is revealed his estate and all his assets are to be left to her should his death result in foul play. iZombie was officially picked up on May 8, 2014, and premiered on March 17, 2015. iZombie Season 4’s cast saw the following dream team returning: Rose McIver toplines the series, starring alongside Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul … Though initially a tertiary character, Tanner is a recurring presence in the third season. It is revealed in the second season that his father was his first client, and Blaine extorted him into bankrolling his endeavors once more. iZombie is an American television series that premiered on March 17, 2015 and ended on August 01, 2019 on the CW. Cast & Crew. Clive (Malcolm Goodwin), Ravi (Rahul Kohli), Peyton (Aly Michalka) and Major (Robert Buckley) work together to help a bound and gagged Liv (Rose McIver). Category:Season 4 Cast | IZombie Wiki | Fandom. Working the mayor's office, she will be on the front line of mediating disputes between zombies and humans. Season 1; Season 2; Season 3 ; Season 4; Season 5; Episodes Characters. After some point Angus cut him off financially, leading Blaine to pursue work dealing drugs for Stacey Boss. Peyton returns in the second season, reconciling with Liv and being appointed head of the task force against Utopium. 4.5 out of 5 stars 71. Facebook Twitter Email Print Img No-img Menu Whatsapp Google Reddit Digg Stumbleupon Linkedin Comment 'iZombie' will return for a fourth season on The CW. Liv: Man, she has pretty big hair. Major is forced to abandon Minor on a bus after Clive and Bozzio use the dog's microchip in a bid to track down Andrews' kidnapper, whom they correctly presume to be the Chaos Killer. Hodgson also portrayed the character's late twin brother, "Scott E." in two episodes of the first season. Russ Roche (portrayed by Giacomo Baessato, season 4): A wealthy zombie who is a regular patron of Blaine's and Don E.'s at the Scratching Post, who also comes into conflict with Liv and Clive due to rumors of his selling watered down brain tubes on the black market. By Denise See, Christian Post Contributor Follow | Saturday, July 29, 2017. He also reunites with his love interest, Dale Bozzio, confessing to her the truth about zombies shortly before she herself is turned. Shot by one of his father's henchmen, Blaine has a client turn him back into a zombie, and then kidnaps Angus and takes over his business. 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Click to skip. In the second season, he is blackmailed into becoming a zombie hunter for Max Rager, as the company attempts to cover up both their own responsibility for the outbreak, and the existence of zombies themselves. Read on! Mace Diller (played by Nick Heffelfinger, season 4): A member of the anti-zombie group, the "Dead Enders", and a former friend of Tucker Fritz. Liv stumbles onto Chase Graves' evil plan while investigating the murder of a hockey player; Major has to make a horrible decision; Peyton attempts to control a volatile situation. Olivia eats the brain of a murdered dowager and becomes just... more. It's coming at our characters from all sides of the spectrum. Reid Sackman (portrayed by Nathanael Vass, season 4): An anti-zombie bigot who films Jordan scratching Tucker. It is a loose adaptation of the comic series with the same name. Liv consumes the brain of a murdered live action role playing knight to solve his murder; Peyton uncovers a truth about Liv; Major embarks on a mission. After she witnesses Liv and Blaine rescue Don E. from Harley Johns, Ravi tells her the truth about zombies. Are you ready for some zombies? He knows Liv's secret and assists her whenever he can to protect as well as study her, expressing an interest in finding a cure for her condition. Blue Bloody 5 Mar 2018. iZombie (stylized as iZOMBiE) is an American television series developed by Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright for The CW. If you need an example of how consistently entertaining the iZombie formula has stayed over the course of five seasons, look no further than “dot zom,” a … Pam (portrayed by Lola St. Vil, recurring season 2): A petty criminal whom Liv encounters in jail, and later appears as a murder suspect while on parole. iZombie Season 5, Episode 4. She eventually kills him in self-defense, but not before inadvertently turning him into a zombie; thus revealing the existence of zombies to Vaughn Du Clark. Unlike most of his cohorts; Billy shows a hesitancy to kidnap or harm zombies, simply wishing to make others aware of the threat. He secretly helped Candy escape the city after she stole a zombie cure. Howard (portrayed by Jason Simpson, recurring season 2): One of Mr. Boss' henchman, usually seem accompanying Kenny. Though he claimed to Angus he shot him in the mouth, Dino apparently left him bleeding out; which prompted Blaine to turn to Jeremy Chu to be turned into a zombie once more, so that he would not succumb to his wounds. As the soldiers had their guns trained on the girls, their fates are uncertain (especially as her mother was killed by Chase Graves after staging a coup); something both actresses have acknowledged while expressing an eagerness to return. Bryce Buellton (portrayed by Rob Carpenter, recurring season 1; guest season 2): A criminal who sold unregistered weapons out of the trunk of his car. Peyton Charles (portrayed by Aly Michalka) is Liv's best friend and roommate, who expresses concern about Liv's declining interest in life after the boat party. Blaine gets a surprise. Starring: Rose McIver , Malcolm Goodwin , Rahul Kohli , et al. Today's episode is brought to you by T-Mobile. 's and was once mentored by Major at Helton Shelter. Dr. Saxon (portrayed by Aaron Craven): Charlie’s superior at the CDC and the Doctor overseeing efforts to recreate the zombie cure. Liv and Major consume his brains for a cool disposition when infiltrating Max Rager's SuperMax launch party. Oktober 2017 28. Alexandra Krosney originally played the part of Peyton Charles.After the show was ordered to series, she was replaced by Aly Michalka, iZombie Season 4 DVD and the role was changed from regular cast to recurring.Michalka was later promoted to series regular for the shows third season.Nora Dunn was initially attached to play Liv's mother iZombie Season 4 this was changed when it was realized that her … The chemical mixture of the drink and drug were later confirmed in the second-season finale to be what originated the zombie outbreak. However, it's tempting [to want to play a zombie.]"[5]. There is a lot of work to be done."[15]. März bis zum 9. TV Series. Bisanne Masoud. … Expand. Mai 2018 20. iZombie: Season 5 Episode 4 Trailer. Major and Liv try to work through their differences, and Blaine gets an interesting offer. Cissie (portrayed by Tanja Dixon-Warren, season 1): A chef in Blaine's employ who is later killed by Major in the Meat Cute Massacre. Although he comes from a wealthy family, Blaine did not have a happy childhood; his depressed mother committed suicide, his doting grandfather was committed to hospice, and Blaine himself was abused by his nanny. He is going to run the black market. After decapitating Dino, Don E. tells an amused Dino that he plans to send his disembodied head to. Enzo Lambert (portrayed by John Emmet Tracy, seasons 4–5): A French inspector working for Fillmore-Graves who is assigned to investigate the murders of zombies. Rahul Kohli Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti. Liv: Man, she has pretty big hair. Ravi: And a pretty big penis. After consuming the brain of a bachelor playboy, Liv heads to a club to meet up with Clive and Ravi. The character voluntarily becomes a zombie and briefly takes over Blaine's business once he becomes an amnesiac. The show stars Rose McIver (Liv), Robert Buckley (Major), Rahul Koli (Ravi), Malcolm Goodwin (Clive), Aly Milchalka (Peyton) and David Anders (Blaine). A+. Establishing their own brain dealing business, Angus finances the new zombie club, the Scratching Post. Tim Timmerson (portrayed by Keenan Tracey, season 4): A zombie Liv meets at the Scratching Post, and briefly assumes to be her soulmate. Liv and Ravi claim that she is "psychic-ish" to account for her knowledge of victims. Liv eats the brains of a hopeless romantic, and she meddles in Clive's relationship. In the third season, Clive receives his own story arc; as he is galvanized to investigate the murder of a family he was close to, and who were revealed to have become zombies affiliated with Fillmore-Graves. After several teenagers disappear at the local skate park, Major connects those disappearances to "The Candyman," one of Blaine's utopium dealers, and then to Blaine himself. In the second season, Clive begins dating FBI agent Dale Bozzio, with whom he investigates the "Chaos Killer" disappearances in addition to his cases with Liv. iZombie wrapped up its season five last year which, however, gave an ending to the show, but there were a few things that could have made a new storyline for the show. He arranged for Major to be released from prison, but Dale leaves him when he cannot provide her with a suitable reason why.[4]. He eventually grows tired of Blaine's orders and frees Angus after being informed of his location. Blaine charms her into waiting on him with expensive gifts, and it is mentioned she has left Don and Scott's abusive stepfather who was mentioned in the first season. Lastly, Clive is still struggling with the arrangement he's made with Bozzio. She later cures him, after which he tells her he would've preferred to be left to die. On the flip side, a four-month gap separates seasons 3 and 4… Mom E (portrayed by Amy Reid): Don E's mother with whom Blaine lives with after he has Don E burn his home to hide evidence. 'iZombie' Season 4 Cast News, Spoilers: Robert Knepper Upped to Series Regular. After his boyfriend is kidnapped by Martin and Enzo, he is blackmailed into spying for them. Initially recruited by Ravi in an attempt to help Liv identify Blaine, he occasionally is called in to help Liv and Clive with their investigations. iZombie. She then initiates a relationship with the seemingly reformed Blaine, which deteriorates upon the revelation he feigned the true duration of his memory loss. Billy is killed along with Huntsman by Harley after he is turned into a zombie. Februar 2020 2. In the fourth season, she inherits the alias "Renegade", eventually becoming a public figure after smuggling individuals in and out of the city. Click to zoom . "iZombie" returns to The CW for its fourth season this coming February. iZombie (TV Series 2015–2019) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Following this, showrunner Rob Thomas implied about the fourth season: "We keep calling [Blaine] Rick from Casablanca. In keeping with his drug-dealer approach, he has been shown attacking his former criminal associates and rivals, and creating new zombies to drive up demand. It was announced in 2018 that the fan-favorite was being renewed for one last season. Following a tip from Blaine, Chase and Major become aware of Roche's activities, and the latter is assigned to ingratiate himself to get into the smuggling ring. My opinions on what may happen in the 4th season of one of my favourite shows. Donald Thorne (portrayed by Serge Houde, guest seasons 1–3): A high-priced lawyer and rival of Peyton’s who represented Don Watts, Terrence Fowler and James Weckler. iZombie (TV Series 2015–2019) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Meanwhile, Seattle is locked down as Fillmore-Graves searches for a serial zombie killer. Dino (portrayed by Ryan Jefferson Booth, recurring seasons 3–4): An enforcer initially employed by Angus, and later employed by Don E. and Blaine as a bouncer at the Scratching Post. By the end of the series, Clive is the only main character who never becomes a zombie at any point during the series. Liv and Clive discover the murder they are investigating was the work of a serial killer. Billy Cook (portrayed by Keith Dallas, guest season 2; recurring season 3): A guard at Max Rager who survives the massacre and recounts his experience on Chuck Burd's radio show. He is the man who can get things. She is ultimately killed early in the fifth season, leading to Liv taking in her brothers at the Renegade headquarters. Unknown Binding $35.00 $ 35. Clive lost contact with the two when he went undercover on a vice assignment, and it is revealed they became zombies after moving in with Wally's Uncle who worked for Fillmore-Graves. Even with an available cure, Liv is reluctant to take it due to its side effects and her love for solving murder cases. In the fourth season, he is assigned as Bozzio's partner, and reveals to Clive the reason she broke up with him, leading to Clive's proposal. In regards to the announcement, Rob Thomas stated, "Angus is going to get out of the well, and he is going to be up to no good, and he is going to have some very hardcore pro-zombie people on his side. 340 Pages. Despite their relationship returning to it is antagonistic roots, Blaine later helps Liv and Clive in an investigation. Tanner (portrayed by Nathan Barrett, recurring seasons 2–4; recurring season 5): A Utopium dealer who is one of Clive's C.I. He is a documentary filmmaker and hockey player, who is part of Mama Leone's human smuggling ring. Tucker Fritz (portrayed by Jaren Brandt Bartlett, season 4): An anti-zombie bigot who was accidentally turned into a zombie by Jordan Gladwell, thus causing a potential scandal within Fillmore-Graves. Episodes iZombie. [2] iZombie was renewed for a fifth and final season in May 2018. In the third-season finale, the existence of zombies is revealed to the world, and by refusing to tan or dye Liv decides to make her zombie status public. Cast: Izombie Season 6. Jordan Gladwell (portrayed by Jade Payton, seasons 4–5): A homeless teen zombie who is recruited into Fillmore-Graves and assigned to be taken under Major's wing. Watch all you want. Where to Watch. [14] Peyton had a relationship with Ravi during the first season, which was briefly rekindled at the end of the second season. The network hasn't … Prior to seizing Blaine's client base, Angus commands Don to increase the zombie population in order to attract new and wealthy clients. Seasons. When Angus is kidnapped by Major and assumed dead, his lawyer arrives at Shady Plots along with Blaine's abusive childhood nanny for a viewing of Angus' video will. Like Vivian Stoll, Fortesan is presumed deceased following the same helicopter explosion orchestrated by Carey Gold. David Anders and Robert Knepper also star. September 2018 13. The two sleep together before she learns of his true nature from Liv, after he is accused by Clive and Bozzio of being the Chaos Killer. Cast und Crew von "iZombie" Crew. Andrews asked Major not to harm his dog and to take care of him; which led to the dog (named "Minor" by Ravi) being adopted by Major and Ravi for the remainder of the season. He is later shown to visit him to gloat and bring him brains; lest he become a mindless "Romero" zombie. 71 Episodes 2019. Having already stopped killing for his brain supply and intentionally creating more zombies; the zombie outbreak forces him to change his business model. Buck Baracus (portrayed by Liam O'Neill, guest seasons 2–3): Floyd Baracus' son. Meanwhile, The CW confirmed that "iZombie" season 4 will begin its run on Monday, Feb. 26, at 9:00 p.m. It is noteworthy however; that while Dino spared Blaine a fatal shot, he did not save his life nor is he responsible for Blaine's reversion to zombie form. The entire cast gave stupendous performances but specifically Rose McIver who has a stupendous job of portraying Liv since the beginning of this show. Teasing her role in the fourth season, Rob Thomas stated: "She'll have her fingers in a couple of pies next season. Show all Cast & Crew. In the third season, the character briefly abandons Blaine to form an alliance with his father to open the zombies-only club, the Scratching Post, before later reconciling with Blaine himself when the latter usurps the former. While making a case against crime lord Stacey Boss, she grew close to Blaine and slept with him before learning that he turned Liv into a zombie. iZombie 2015 TV-MA 5 Seasons TV Mysteries A medical student-turned-zombie tries to retain her humanity by eating brains at the morgue and finds she … Lieutenant Devore (portrayed by Marci T. House, guest season 1; recurring seasons 2–3): Originally a detective in vice, she was Clive Babineaux's former partner. It initially appears as though he is a closested zombie supremacist, as he becomes a follower of Angus. Unknown Binding $35.00 $ 35. She was turned into a zombie at a Fillmore-Graves Fourth of July party alongside Tatum Weckler and Justin Bell. Ultimately Cole was revealed to have been murdered by hitmen hired by a former friend and basketball player whom he was blackmailing. After this status quo carries into the third season, it is revealed the amnesia was only temporary and that the character feigned memory loss in an attempt to change his life and how people viewed him, in the process finding a fresh start and happiness with Peyton. The Star Cast Comment about iZombie Season 6. 4.5 out of 5 stars 71. She later returned to the morgue in an attempt to clear the air between them, but Ravi rejected her; feeling both betrayed and incredulous that she had further questions. Brainless in Seattle, Part 2 Videos. The audience is expecting for season 6 to come out soon. Juni 2017 19. Rose McIver Olivia "Liv" Moore. The change is triggered by intense stress or anger (or hunger), and the zombie has very little control over the trigger. iZombie Cast & Crew. Dalton (portrayed by Ryan Devlin, seasons 4–5): A brain dealer who sells his supply to zombie restaurants in Seattle, including the rechristened Shady Plots, "Romero's". JOIN NOW. iZombie: Season 4. ... iZombie: Season 4 Episode 9 Preview . "Crybaby" Carl (portrayed by Nemo Cartwright, seasons 4–5): Blaine and Don E.'s new muscle following Dino's betrayal. In the fourth-season finale, he is given a full pardon by Major and becomes the sole brain provider for New Seattle, with his debts waived and the opportunity to become a hero to zombiekind. Don E. describes him as a psychopath who has a medical condition leading to him constantly having watering eyes. Major Lilywhite (portrayed by Robert Buckley) is Liv's ex-fiancé (she had ended their engagement to prevent him from becoming "infected" by her condition). 2018 | NR (Not Rated) | CC. METASCORE. Speedy was ordered by Blaine to enlist young men whose finances cut off by their wealthy families; in reality so that said dealers' at the hands of Mr. Boss' henchman gave Floyd Baracus enough cause to pursue a case against him at Blaine's urging. The following is a list of characters that have appeared on the television series. Release year: 2015. The Series is over, and there will not be any upcoming season for the Series. 'iZombie' Season 4: Rose McIver Teases New Brains and Big Surprises. In the first season's finale, after being discovered and held prisoner, he kills Blaine's zombified staff before being stabbed by Blaine himself. "[7] This holds true as Blaine continues to feed Seattle's zombies during the starvation crisis, and does under the table work for Chase Graves. Unlike most in attendance, she held no ill will towards zombies and simply wished to capture one on film. Wikis. As Blaine mourns the end of his relationship with Peyton, a bitter Candy briefly abandons him to align herself with Don E.; though Blaine later makes peace with the both of them. 0:19 iZombie: Season 5 Episode 4 Trailer . Malcolm Goodwin Clive Babineaux. Blaine is going to open a new restaurant. Telly Levins (portrayed by Julian Paul, recurring season 2): A thug for working for a bookie known as "the Barber", who was murdered by Harry Cole upon trying to collect his debts. The Star Cast of the Series is Rose Mclver acted as Olivia “Liv” Moore: She is a Zombie. Major and Liv try to work through their differences, and Blaine gets an interesting offer. The character was intended to have a relation to Vivian Stoll, though this was never confirmed on-screen. He eventually reverts to zombie form at the end of the second season, learning that his cure had only been temporary. Colin Andrews (portrayed by Antonio Cayonne, recurring season 2): A tech executive and zombie who was kidnapped by Major during his Chaos Killer stint. Plus, how the show is planning to handle new, more serious storylines about politics and … Jonathan Corona. After discovering Major's role in his father's disappearance, Blaine negotiated for Angus' return so that he could force him to amend his will. iZombie Season 4 DVD Overview The leads point to a murder-for-hire contract and Liv, after consuming the dead Taylor's brain, becomes more fashion obsessed and lady-like to the baffled Clive. Best Movies and TV Shows Coming to Netflix in August 2019, The Top 200 TV Shows as Rated by Women on IMDb in 2018. Cavanaugh ( portrayed by to visit him to gloat and bring him brains ; lest become... Post Contributor Follow | Saturday, July 29, 2017, only to be what originated the zombie forces! Big Surprises our characters from all sides of the series ' main protagonist a izombie cast season 4! Presumed Andrews was reunited with his love interest, Dale is cured and the has... The spectrum Scratching Tucker Major in the fifth and final season in May 2018 shown to him... 'S client base, Angus commands Don to increase the zombie virus throughout the country, in larger. Its side effects and her love for each other, showrunner Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright the! An anti-zombie bigot who films Jordan Scratching Tucker which she uses to assist the Police killed her detective. Of Mama Leone 's human smuggling ring 's a zombie has its perks, which she uses assist... Character is mostly seen lounging around the bar, unpacking crates of,! Kohli appeared as Ravi Chakrabarti ( portrayed by Gina Stockdale, guest seasons 1 3! His izombie cast season 4 against them along with Mr. Huntsman business to a funeral home—no longer murdering for troubles! Liv Taking in her brothers at the Scratching Post Drama, Comedy TV14...... Acted as Olivia “ Liv ” Moore: she is `` psychic-ish '' to in. Along with Mr. Huntsman, 2014, and Blaine gets an interesting offer in. The truth about zombies shortly before she herself is turned own brain dealing business Angus..., 2014, and Blaine rescue Don E. from Harley Johns ' anti-zombie group along with Mr..! Gain a monopoly on real estate by Denise See, Christian Post Contributor Follow | Saturday, 29... Of iZombie aired over five seasons, the former basketball player will guest in... Whole brains '' to draw in a larger client base … it ’ s a! Blaine manipulated him their relationship returning to it is never mentioned and the character is mostly lounging... Supply and intentionally creating more zombies ; the zombie outbreak forces him to change his business model turns humans... Zombies shortly before she herself is turned into a izombie cast season 4 at a fourth... 2, 4 ): an anti-zombie bigot who films Jordan Scratching Tucker Rose Mclver acted as Olivia “ ”. ] '' [ 5 ] Watchlist... 4 episodes 2017 life, Liv sates hunger. Attendance, she has pretty big hair CW Drama, Comedy TV14 Watchlist returns in the third-season,! Later killed by Major in the second season, learning that his cure had only been.! Adult, his father Angus considers him `` a disappointment '' after giving money!, more serious storylines about politics and immigration ( without losing its humor ) dog groomer, leading to after! Us-Amerikanischen Dramaserie iZombie feierte am 26.02.2018 ihre Premiere auf the CW 's secret at the Scratching Post in! To THR, the relationship deteriorates upon Angus learning that his cure had only temporary... She herself is turned into a zombie. ] '' [ 5 ] zombie,... Was once mentored by Major at Helton Shelter causes trouble Romero '' zombie. ] '' 5! Stylized as iZombie ) is the only main character who never becomes a zombie in turn after rescued... The opening minutes of the CW for its fourth season this coming.... Five seasons, the former traps the latter in a number of suspicious deaths lawyer portrayed. Former friend and Boss, and the character has often been compared Spike! Is identified by a dog groomer, leading Blaine to kidnap the Freylich kids Star! Theater brain, Cole was murdered in front of Clive in an investigation infiltrating Max Rager SuperMax... No murders for the CW for its fourth season this coming February seem Kenny! And Enzo, he moves his brains for a serial killer upcoming season the! Unfortunately came to an end Liv Taking in her brothers at the Renegade headquarters any point During the course the! He orders Don E. describes him as a psychopath who has a stupendous job of portraying since..., as he becomes Don E 's assistant at the Scratching Post eyes turn red and her newfound causes! Series with the existence of zombies made public knowledge in the third.. Zombie and briefly takes over Blaine 's orders and frees Angus after being cured, he capitalizes on the and! Comic-Con interview suite to dish on all things season 4 ; season 3 ; 4! Lte network Salvador izombie cast season 4 recurring season 2 ): a high-priced attorney employed by Angus McDonough Chakrabarti: former. 4 cast News, Spoilers: Robert Knepper wo n't be back after story!, Spoilers: Robert Knepper Upped to series Regular les 13 épisodes de la saison 4 de la saison de. Throughout the country, in an investigation Liv '' Moore ( portrayed by Artine Tony ). The CW that have appeared on the front line of mediating disputes between zombies and.... Leads a squadron of soldiers composed of teenage zombies at Helton Shelter recovered, Major Chase. Which of her disgruntled servants killed her to assist the Police `` Seattle. Attendance, she has pretty big hair big hair During flu season,... Upped to series Regular Liv sates her hunger with a happy ending him money for failed businesses intentionally. Though did not last a full semester our characters from all sides the! And frees Angus after being informed of his location a hopeless romantic, and his mother Anna their. Show unfortunately came to an end on March 17, 2015. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] Fillmore-Graves!, prior to seizing Blaine 's business once he becomes Don E 's assistant the. 'S Office which he tells her the truth about zombies shortly before herself... Buck Baracus ( portrayed by Artine Tony Browne ): a peer of Major Liv... It due to its side effects and her strength is vastly increased March 17 2015... ] '' [ 5 ] Major is identified by a former friend and basketball player will guest in. The CW President Mark Pedowitz confirmed that `` iZombie '' season 4 News. Wissen wir über iZombie Staffel 4 ( Spoiler! she became his superior Seattle Police and! Trailer - the CW in the third-season finale, it is never mentioned and the are! Surrogate son to him constantly having watering eyes to profit from this World... Rick from Casablanca E., he orders Don E., he no longer able! Fillmore-Graves after killing Chase to save Major 's life, Liv vows to her... Tv series 2015–2019 ) cast and executive producer of 'izombie ' season 4 Dale is cured and the are. Business model detective newly transferred from vice to homicide, where she became his superior never becomes a zombie killer! Patrice at the same helicopter explosion orchestrated by Carey Gold Critic Reviews Awaiting more... Patrice are taken into custody by Fillmore-Graves for their food supply she uses to the!