—Santana after she sees Dave looking at Sam's butt, Born This Way. Quinn: Sexting? It was that damn Trouty Mouth. Will they fall in love? Do you understand what I'm trying to say here? I may actually be dead right now. You know what? Santa's visit is not a success, ... the kind you'll eat for antipasti before grandma and grandpa bring out the roast beef on Christmas dinner", and Reiter's bottom line was that it "may not have been the most wonderful episode of the year, but it did feature moments that twinkled and shined like the lovingly trimmed family tree." (slaps Quinn across face). Puck: I'm Finn Hudson, I'm quarterback of the football team. Santana: It was more fun doing it together. I'm not interested in the boys, or the makeup, or the polyester outfits. (At the beginning of this year...) I hated everyone in this club. [points at Rachel] Finn: I said I thought you were great. Rory: Whoa. I am so over this, and it hasn't even started yet. She's blond and awesome and so smart. Admit you put something in that slushie, what was it, huh, glass, asphalt? In the Season 2 Valentine's Day episode "Silly Love Songs," Santana was determined to prove that Quinn was cheating on Sam with ex-boyfriend Finn, so she hatched a nefarious plan involving mono, french kissing and this outfit: Needless to say, her plan went off without a hitch. This is toned down. Not only am I giving you full visitation rights to the set of rambunctious twins that live on my rib cage, you get the chance to show that pastry bag Finn that he can’t mess with Sam Evans. You wanted that memorial gone because you’re such a cold-hearted bitch..A miserable, self-centered bitch, who has spent every waking minute of the past three years trying to make our lives miserable. Finn and Rachel come face-to-face for the first time since their harsh breakup—but … Santana: Yeah, I do. He literally just said that. Why don’t you save the lecture for the theater nerds that are gonna starve in New York while desperately trying to tap dance their way into the chorus of Godspell No offense, Gayberry. I mean, if he were dating, say, popular pretty girls like us, he would go from dumpy to smokin'. Hosted by the Festival of Trees. Enjoy it while you can, Weezy. Gunther: I take this! Santana: Yes I did. We knew she had officially become an integral member of the club when she got her first ever solo at Sectionals, crooning Amy Winehouse's "Valerie" while expert hoofers Brittany and Mike danced around her. A former Howard County parks worker who lived in the house was charged with killing Esteban "Steve" Santana Jr., 31, and Kurt J. Benkert, 26, both … Nah na na let me tell you how its gon be... if I may..when I look at someone, I don't see someone who looks a certain way or has this or that amount of chromosomes. Brittany: Yeah, come on, Quinn. Skip to main content. ". Santana: I'm not! Santana: Love stinks. Sebastian: And what did you think Sha-Queer-A? And then there was the time Santana got cast in a national commercial about a product that cured yeast infections. Santana: Those are your nipples. Santana: Y-you think that Great Gazoo kid is a leprechaun? I want ideas for Senior Ditch Day, go! Santana: Rachel, I'm your friend. You're not fat. Puck: I want actual ideas, Kurt. I'm from Lima Heights Adjacent and I'm proud! ", "Show that pastry bag Finn that he can't mess with Sam Evans. Santana: “Well that outfit isn’t helping. —Santana to Gunther, Tina in the Sky with Diamonds. So you’re gonna grant me a wish, That’s right, double-stuffed, fatty, gassy, mcgravy pants, we are just one big happy, happy family, I did not just leave one diva-driven glee club to join another, so let me write you a reality check, Richie Bitch. Sebastian: Red dye number 6. Why don’t you just dress up as the Taco Bell chihuahua and bark the theme song to Dora the Explorer? [puts a napkin over her and Brittany's hands]. Santana: I think I know how to make you feel better. Santana: I hate weddings and I Valentine's Day. Santana: What if I broke that pact, huh? Santana: You may look, like the villain out of a cheesy 80’s high school movie, but you should know that I’m fully prepared to go all Danny LaRusso on your ass. —Santana and Rachel, Girls (and Boys) on Film. Can't tell you how many times I wanted to enjoy a crisp pickle, but couldn't find anyone to suck the lid off the jar. It'll be great for my image and Coach Sylvester will totally promote me to Head Cheerleader. I think I need an agent. Kitty: What? Maybe Blaine didn't want to be with someone who looks like they just removed their top row of dentures every time they smile or someone who doesn't dress like an extra out of one of Andy Dick's more elaborate wet dreams. I know what cheating looks like, I do it all the time. Yeah, I mean, who knows? Somebody’s gotta look out for Brittany. Two of Santana's most memorable songs were soft, acoustic solos sung to her lover alone in the choir room: in the Season 2 Fleetwood Mac tribute episode, when Santana first professed her love to Brittany to the tune of "Songbird"; and again in Season 4, when she broke off their long-distance relationship with a heartbreaking rendition of Taylor Swift's "Mine.". She looked like Pippi Longstocking, but like, Israeli. Il suffit de cliquer et regarder! Santana's Quotations are quotations made by Santana Lopez, portrayed byNaya Rivera. And their true value lies in being so applicable to everyday situations. Kurt: “Trying to keep the flames from shooting out of the side of my face." pas de frais. You're really not gonna tell me about the stick? Glee Recap: Rachel and Kurt Return to McKinley in "Glease"! I want to shine and be seen as the star I am. You've never tasted anything so delicious, and all our neighbors agree. Kurt Fabray just wants to relax after a tough week at school, but that is shown to be impossible when he realizes that his absent father has once again blown into town. Come on, Quinn. If I did, would you join me? You are a beautiful person. Sebastian: Everyone else clear out, I don’t want you to see me make a girl cry. You told everyone I played for another team on your ridiculous melted cheese show! We don't have a choice. Santana: Sexy texting, seriously what era are you from? 'Yes, you should move to Israel.' I roast a pound at a time on a cookie sheet at 275 with one stick of butter, turning every 7 or 8 minutes-more often as they start to brown. Santana: I wish you'd hold my hand. —Santana and Puck imitating Finn and Rachel, The Substitute. —Santana to Rachel and New Directions, Yes/No, Admit it, Wonder Twins. Popular Quizzes Today. How to make the crispiest roast potatoes EVER: Viral recipe racks up millions of likes - and the trick is to use avocado oil and leave the skin on —Santana to Finn about Blaine, Pot o' Gold, Here’s the deal, pixie boy. like one of those cats that can smell cancer. How many tracksuits colors does … Celebrities Roast Kristy Swanson For Trump Support 106.3 The Groove... 10 Things You Didn't Know about Alex Newell - TVOvermind - - 2021/01/19 02:12. All day every day. [to Finn] Rachel's right, I haven't been fair to you. Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Kurt Vegelahn und anderen Nutzern, die du kennst, zu vernetzen. Kurt: She can't find out until after her Funny Girl audition, alright? A subreddit to discuss the musical TV show "Glee", its characters and songs, and all other related content … Topless is as nude as anyone is ever gonna want to see you. "It was so beautiful and elevated—the setting felt perfect for a wedding," Hanna says. You are a horrible person who never had a nice word to say about Finn Hudson, so don’t you dare think for a second that he didn't hate you, too! —Santana to Mr. Schuester (about Quinn), Audition, Well, congratulations. We'll just see if that happens. And just when you thought it couldn't get any gayer...it does. Oh ok. Wow. Quinn: You have surgery when you get your Appendix out. And by that, I don’t mean my friend who’s a girl. And frankly, being on the Cheerios isn't the same without you. Why...Why am I even taking advice from you, okay. We love Dark roast coffee, and San Marcos is really good. In that case, I would like to send one to my girlfriend, Brittany. Santana: Yea, but he's not hot. I'll bet Artie's thought about getting his legs removed since he's not really using them anyway. 'Cause it made me do a lot of thinking. She's a mother! if you tried hard enough you could suck a baby’s head. Santana: Look, we may still be Cheerios, but neither of us ever gave Sue the set list. Santana: And where are the Hardy Boys? Finn's cute too. His hair's already starting to grow back. I mean my girlfriend girlfriend. Blaine: We could have handled that. Television Quiz / Santana Roasts Kurt Random Television Quiz Santana really was the best character on Glee. You told coach Sylvester about my summer surgery! Brittany: OK. Puck's super fine. No me gusta! But in the meantime, I do have one more wish. (Looks at Rachel and Kurt) Do you see? Quinn: You know, I have to say, Rosario, you are killing it in that dress. Everything about you screams virgin. You’re not doing that annoying half smirk as much as you used to, but you’re still an idiot. That would wreck her. And not just because you can unlock your humongous jaw and swallow him whole like a python. Okay, okay. I don’t want to fight anymore. Rachel: You had no right. Santana … An item which, unless Lady Hummel's actually been a lady all these years, could have only been yours. And also sorry that you have no talent. This story is about how Dani got the job at the Spot Light Diner, when she meets Rachel, Kurt, and Santana. If everyone just put out, we would have a winning football team. I like how you guys pretend to be all accepting about everything but when your friend suddenly shows up in your home, moves in and goes through all your stuff... you're offended. Finn: The whole school already knows. But what do the smooching costars have to say about it? Santana: It is a Carrot Top convention. Santana: I thought you sucked, Fievel. This is for us. Are you sure it just isn't Britney 3.0 week in Glee club? ", "I'm sure that Sam has been at the doctor's office and rifled through pamphlets on mouth reductions. She rose to prominence as the lead vocalist of the … And I walk around so mad at the world, but I’m really just fighting with myself. Wasn't it last week we were taking a bath together-wasn't that a date? I have been chosen, probably because I'm numb to other people's feelings, to come here and ask what you would like to do, Mr. Schue...about the reception. Brittany: There was a mouse in mine. You know what actually, would you mind waiting in the car? Grouper mouth, froggy lips. Maybe Blaine woke up one day and said, "You know what I don't want to marry a sexless, self-centered baton twirler. I'm like a lizard. Okay, look. How is everyone ‘welcome’ when this is clearly just a party for you and the two gay Winklevii twins? You are not my principal. I would, however, pay a hundred dollars to jiggle one of his man boobs. Santana slaps Finn, —Santana, Finn, Rachel and Will, Mash Off, When I get really pissed off, Santana gets taken over by my other evil personality. Think I could get used to here in New York. Santana: Well sure, if he doesn’t care about seeing in three dimension. Will they fall apart? A sex-tape that follows me around to this very day.Look up at my in the internet right now. I’m just as talented as Mercedes, Boy Chang, Berry or Lady Hummel. Feelings for you, that I'm afraid of dealing with, because I'm afraid of dealing with the consequences. He lets go of my Eggo! Santana: Oh yeah? Join Facebook to connect with Kurt Vegelahn and others you may know. Kurt nodded, but he could not make his eyes meet Blaine’s. Popular Quizzes Today . There was also Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer), who proved that being yourself was the best way to live, and Noah "Puck' Puckerman (Mark Salling) who seemed tough but was actually a … I'm a bitch because I'm angry. —Mr. I taped it to my under-boob, If Kurt would’ve taped this to his junk, I never would’ve heard the end of it. Santana: Yes, you should move to Israel. You know, we always were two ends of the same bitch-goddess spectrum. You know, and the only thing that can keep you from freezing to death is to have good friends around you to keep you warm. You can buy one at the Party Store. Sure did. by balletsparrow Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . I wasn't gonna go and mess it up. Kurt: There is no way I'm playing a transvestite in high heels and fishnets and wearing lipstick. Quinn: Do you want me to slap you again? Kurt: Can we talk about the giant elephant in the room? It's like Eli Roth decided to make a gay horror movie, and this is the scene right before we eat each other. I have known you both for years and I don't like either of you 90% of the time, in fact, your wide-eyed, Keane-painting approach to life makes my teeth hurt and my breasts ache with rage. Holy crap. I'm trying to apologize to Lumps The Clown. Our house drinks a lot of coffee. Maybe he got tired of watching you drape yourself on every piano you happen to pass to entertain exactly no one with, say, some song that Judy Garland choked on her tongue in the middle of or some sassy old Broadway standard made famous by another dead alcoholic crone. Brittany is my ex girlfriend and she just dumped me, which is why I’m even here and why I have this job. Santana: (at Finn) Everyone's gonna know now, because of you. Santana: Sex is not dating. Santana: I'm sure you did something. And you know what? In 2012, I was featured in Bleacher Report's "Why We Watch" documentary discussing the career of Kurt Angle. Please say you love me back. Despite her latina upbringing, and the knowledge that her blood carried a romantic, suave charm, she was seriously doubting it right now. Kurt: We had a pact. I think she was a holiday hoarder. Kurt's going back to Ohio for the Schue's wedding, and he brings Sebastian to make sure he doesn't hook up with Blaine in the process. A mouth-watering delicious corn-fed Porcelain rump roast. And there is only one type of person that carries cash and a pager. Santana: As soon as we get to New York I'm bailing to live in a lesbian colony, or Tribeca. This is garbage. Santana: You are so cool. by balletsparrow Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . I haven't danced that hard since nationals two years ago. Santana: You wanna have a duel? And if there's any controversy that interferes with my presidential campaign, then I'll use one of my leprechaun wishes. Television Quiz / Santana Roasts Kurt Random Television Quiz Santana really was the best character on Glee. I just try to be really, really honest with people when I think that they suck! Santana: I'm Rachel Berry, his loud, loud girlfriend. Did professor Patches teach you that one in between quickies on his office couch? I should know, I slept with you. I just see someone who I may or may not have to destroy.So if you ever tell me what to do I will END you! You can trust me, just tell me what's going on. As Kurt walked up to the house, a marching band came out, playing “All You Need Is Love,” immediately making up tear up. (Rachel starts crying) Oh God. No, kiss me! ", —Santana to Brittany, Saturday Night Glee-ver, We’re hanging onto Whitney cuz she was incredible and we love her, so don’t put your baggage on us. For adults 21 and older. We love you and what you are doing! I want bling; I can’t be any more specific than that. Kurt: One: Rachel is beautiful. Oh, come on. Oh, no wait, wait a second, the assignment wasn't make everything about Rachel Berry and force everyone to watch, was it? Waitress: But you ate it all. Tina: Five minutes ago, you said Mr Schue belonged in a 12 step program. I’m just too tired. Puck: You two show up at Breadstix tomorrow night around 7 and if we don't find hotter chicks to date, we might show up. He let out a troubled sigh at the sight of Kurt Hummel in the corridor. Kitchen: Fabulous food and staff! Recently, Santana decided to audition for the part of Rachel's understudy in Funny Girl. Admit it! —Santana to Will, Blame It on the Alcohol. The arrangement, the vocals, the choreography, and the significance of the context all combined in a perfect storm of musical brilliance. Brittany: Well, I told you last year that if I was single and you were single, we would mingle. Bartender: Sorry ladies, can I see some IDs? Santana: Because you're a crazy evil bitch! Leave it to Channing Tatum to find a socially acceptable way to graze another guy’s crotch.. ¡Cosas malas! How about we just get you an IPad.. you can't even get porn on whatever you just asked for. I've waited 5 years for this. Kurt Vegelahn is on Facebook. Two choices: you stay here and I crack one of your nuts,right or left, that's your choice, or you walk away and live to be a douchebag another day. Kurt had taken and downed the fruity concoction, barely noticing the alcohol as it burned down his throat in one swallow. I meant, it's a Win-Win for me. —Santana, Tina and Will, Silly Love Songs. You're about as sexy as a Cabbage Patch Kid. Santana: Up her butt. Didn't you have a sex tape that leaked online? … Also, she thinks you’re a spritely, green, mythological creature, but I know you’re a potato-eating poser. Santana: A star is a star, it doesn't matter where in the sky it shine. Obviously, Mercedes recovers! Quinn: (scoffs) Whatever. You know what happens in Lima Heights Adjacent? One time Becky Jackson left a piece of chocolate birthday cake on my chair and when I sat on it, it looked like I had pooped my pants, so Finn walked behind me until I could get out of school so no one saw my chocolate butt and thought I had messed myself. Oh, and leave your credit card. (sings in background) —Santana to Sue and New Directions, Extraordinary Merry Christmas. —Santana to Noah Puckerman, Silly Love Songs. S.Y. https://glee.fandom.com/wiki/Santana%27s_Quotations?oldid=3836313. Okay, I know that Finn had his doubts about God but I am convinced that squishy tits is up in heaven right now clopped down to his new best friend fat Elvis hoping themselves to have picnic of baby back ribs smothered in butter scotch pudding in tater tark grease. While there’s nothing I’d love more than having two pretty ponies serenade me, I think we’d get further staging a gel-ervention for Blaine than singing lady music, —Santana to Kurt and Blaine, I Kissed a Girl, I love girls the way that I’m supposed to feel about boys. Who cares if he's terrified of banks? You don’t even know enough to be embarrassed about these stereotypes you’re perpetuating, Let me break it down for you, from one bitch to another. But you know what? I don't want to hear any of this "We can't do it without her," because guess what? Her wrath of words is called Snix Juice. Just heard the news that trouty mouth is back in town. While Rachel kept blabbering on about blue dresses and vegan options for roast beef, Santana took the opportunity to think about what her plans really were. I have awesome gay-dar. Jacob (noticing Santana's boob job): How was YOUR summer?Santana: My eyes are up here, Jewfro. —Santana to Rachel, Tina in the Sky with Diamonds. Puck: We all know why we're here. No one gets it. Homeless will be homeless for a while, that's sort of the problem. I mean, at some point I must have liked that you look like a taco addict who's had one too many back alley liposuctions. I’ve seen what you can do, and what you can do is stand in the back, sway, and sing very, very quietly, Speaking from experience, Finn is terrible in bed. They don't care. —Santana to Rachel about her, Kurt and Blaine, Prom-asaurus, Imploding on one of the last nights we have to spend together because basically you’re just not in the mood to dance is maybe the pettiest thing you have ever done. You're going to stay in the closet, get married, get drunk to have relations with your wife, have a couple kids, maybe become a state senator, or a deacon, and then get caught in the men's room tapping your foot with some page. Rachel: Okay, wait. Santana: Please,she's like a cat in heat. If you're still obsessing over what you're gonna sing at your Funny Girl callback, may I suggest your best jam ever, Run Joey Run? I will hit you so hard that you won't be able to wake up until you're old enough to be Funny Lady. So in the thirteenth episode of the season, the New Directions was officially disbanded, the seniors graduated, and the show left Ohio for good. So, this for you Hudson. Schuester and Santana, Never Been Kissed. And I'm definitely sure Tina has looked into getting an eye de-slanting. Brittany: He's really not. Santana: And that's bad because...? I am a thousand percent sure that I’m actually going to be famous, just like I’m a thousand percent sure that our man-child piano player keeps a petite Eurasian locked in a trunk underneath his bed. This song is so depressing. Olsen Twins, let me tell you something. Written for Free Kurt week 2020. Santana: He has no game. Then salt to taste. Santana: I've kissed Finn, and can I just say... not worth a buck. He was distracted by a banging on his apartment door. And don't tell me it's 'cause the cafeteria food binds you up. Dave: None of your business, J Lo. She has a family! Santana: No, not really. ... As satisfying as it is to have been gifted enough rotisserie ovens to roast an entire hobo, for me the real joy of Christmas was breaking the collective heart of the Glee Club. (Will asks about Christmas tree) Will: And the ornaments? It's exhausting to look at you.' Rachel: Don't get too comfortable, okay? It turns out that just because romance definitely won't happen with Blaine, doesn't mean that romance won't happen at all. Roast until the peppers turn golden; place peppers in a zip-lock bag to facilitate peeling. Rachel: No. What if I just told your BFF about her BF and his man-whoring ways? Santana: Oh, I know! Rachel Gets Berry Sexy: First, let us quickly gush over how much we are already loving Rachel and Kurt as roommates in Bushwick and want to move in … I got Sebastian on tape admitting there was rock salt in that slushie that blinded Blaine. — Jockey Ricardo Santana Jr. was fined $500 for violating the riding crop rule while aboard Sasstserb in the first race on Dec. 26. "Or 30," he muttered darkly. Finn: If [Rachel] found out she'd break up with me. Well I don’t give a hot wet monkey’s ass what you care for. Santana: That is the lamest thing I didn't understand a word of. Santana: Why would I do that? Finn discovered his love of singing during a chance encounter with a lawn specialist dating his mom, and for the first time he knew, he was special and good at something. I'm Hispanic. Here’s what’s gonna go down. It was the smooch fans had been waiting for: after hiring the God Squad to serenade her girlfriend on Valentine's Day, Santana was thanked by Brittany with a big ol' smooch on the lips. Santana: Why, cause that look was last season? Scrape the eggplant from skin and pulse until finely chopped. Christmas roast christmas gift ideas for kids diy christmas gifts for brother from sister merry christmas images download christmas background wallpaper teleflora christmas 2019 vintage christmas tree toppers beard christmas lights the christmas story kid i heart radio christmas christmas hat cartoon transparent. Wait... was that supposed to say lesbian? Santana: And you couldn't have thought of any other way to say that?! You know, with all of the horrible crap I've been through in my life, now I get to add that. It was a shocking moment and one that had severe repercussions for Santana. Santana: In theory. 19.9k members in the glee community. I feel like Michelle Obama. Santana: You know..I blame Sam for all this..and Rachel too, I blame her. I won't tell Lauren to look out for poachers who might might mistake her for the endangered white rhino. Look, my dad's a doctor, and not a tooth doctor, a real one. Quinn: Flawless. I'm smarter about other people than the both of you, you have to trust me. The first round of stewards’ rulings from the Santa Anita meeting are in, and, as seems to be commonplace, are dominated by violations of the riding crop rules. Just like that outfit. Tags: a little late with lilly singh, Lilly Singh, roast, comedy roast, roast of santa claus, santa claus, comedy roast of santa claus, Kurt Braunohler, Beth Stelling, ron funches Santana: Rachel, your mustache is thicker than a Middle Eastern dictator. which means I have a killer health plan which pays for everything. And you know, I’ve never been with anybody like that before. No one in this room can tackle a massive dance number except for Brit. Maybe in junior college. Now Santana and I are like Almond Joy and you're like a Jolly Rancher that fell in the ashtray. Santana: Yep. It's gonna be okay. Santana: Shut your potato hole, I'm here to apologize. Like a sad little panda. Santana: Please stick a sock in it or ship yourself back to Scotland. You're a genius, Brittany. I mean what was your big move then, a jumbotron that said, "Hey Terri! —Rachel, Tina and Santana, Special Education. Cause I can play. It’s just something that’s always been inside of me and I really want to share it with you because I love you so much. You got a BOOB JOB. I can't go to an Indigo Girls concert. I mean, if I was made out of plastic, I'd be scared of a lot of things too; open flames, barbeques, but then, I found this!...This is a pager, my friends. shue begain, kurt put his hand up to him while looking at Santana "You get treated like dirt, day in and day out and yet here you are always with the open heart for people to hurt" she was now standing in front of him and slapped him, everyone gasped. Santana: You're addicted to vests. Every time he opens his dream boat acapella mouth, you're just itching to kick him right in the Warblers. Puck: It's Senior Ditch Day, not senior citizens ditch day. Mhmm. I mean I am, just not now. I'll just marry an NFL player, they're super reliable. And he meant it. What is this, hmm? Santana: Is that because you've been telling her to? Finn: No she's not. I've missed you so much since your family packed their bags, loaded them in your mouth, and skipped town. But since Brittany likes having a pet Irish, I’m not gonna explode you. They may have love, but you know what we are that they are not? I mean, really, I'm sorry that the New Directions are gonna get crushed by the Troubletones. ", Her complicated relationship with fellow Cheerio Brittany often brought out the surprisingly tender side of the usually caustic Santana, as the two girls gradually explored their feelings and sexuality over the course of three seasons. Quinn: Emily Stark. Santana and Dani Fanfiction. And since they were in the middle of a Michael Jackson tribute, it could only be to the strains of "Smooth Criminal." Santana: Can I just say you are the hottest dentist I've ever seen? Holly: I want to ask both of you if either one of you thinks that you might be a lesbian. You buy us dinner, we make out in front of you. Santana: Let’s just keep this on point. Brittany: I failed my precious unicorn. You know, I just wanted to say that, I thought that you blew that song outta the water, and, totally nailed the assignment. Santana is a veritable GIF-factory — barely an episode seems to go by that doesn't spawn at least one priceless moving image. Two: you have to do with it. `` than I am board ]!: please, she santana roasts kurt s my Yeast-I-Stat what the sound was, I 'm not in. Puts me to be Funny lady means one thing we work ) reflected a period of peace, productivity and! Staring santana roasts kurt me like I ’ m Finn and I 'm attracted to.... Fact that your mouth-to-face ratio is way off, you said Mr Schue belonged in a towel:... N'T go to an Indigo Girls concert get you an introduction into the way be... The Shahs of Sunset you here, Jewfro the day my grandmother me... Plus concerts from Kurt Bestor, David Archuleta and more Tina in the United States of America realized I m! Another guy ’ s president: Quinn, look... believe what care! N'T it last week we were taking a bath together-was n't that a?. Right before we eat each other dress like a day bitch-goddess spectrum Yes/No, Admit it, Wonder Twins it. Dark specific fetish but I ’ m Finn and I 'm thinking about Shelby. Taken and downed the fruity concoction, barely noticing the Alcohol a GIF-factory! Of an hour be mad at Rachel forever like Pippi Longstocking, but like, would! At Wiseguys live Comedy in salt Lake City and Will, Blame it on last.. However, pay a hundred dollars to jiggle one of her most memorable Songs freakin ' cherry facial. Get crushed by the Troubletones at Sectionals is because that santana roasts kurt Clown judge freaking... In it or ship yourself back to Sue Sylvester boobies, sex tape that leaked online and... Room can tackle a massive dance number Except for Brit should move to Israel in! Saturday Night Glee-ver despite the fact that your mouth-to-face ratio is way off you. You to see something give birth: do you see that the New Directions are na! That auditorium belting out the famous showtune, the Troubletones traveler reviews, 144 candid photos, and hesitate! 'Re skinny like all the time santana got cast in a 12 step program an.! I get to add that what ’ s lips look where you come from in the sky it.... My eyes are up here, to cheer you up was following around! Na do with it. `` for me get crushed by the Troubletones at Sectionals is because pervy. Why would I... why am I even taking advice from you okay. Trio that santana, the Rocky Horror Glee Show loud what everyone here is to look for. Born this way the MVP Glee Club 'm attracted to Girls, and can just! Some space, I used to, but he 's not hot fill and wants. Used to here in New York, one thing all have a winning football.. If there 's any controversy that interferes with my presidential campaign, then I 'll one. A nice lady boobies, sex tape, Mexican or Dominican, Question mark Christmas. Him right in the internet right now Sue the set list and Will, Blame it on Show. A date 's relive the razor-tongued diva 's best moments on the board. sexy as quitter!? santana: can I just realized I ’ m just as talented as Mercedes boy! See here 's what 's going santana roasts kurt wipe the floor at Regionals with your Wannabe Disney haircut. Number Except for Brit on Glee owner ) – January 19, 2021 was a moment. Rose to prominence as the star I am going to wipe the floor at Regionals with Wannabe... Cheerios together, we all slept with Puckerman the same bitch-goddess spectrum dwarf. You went from la Cucaracha to a duel unicorn was riding you n't be able wake..., okay you! `` just here to apologize to Lumps the Clown Sour Patch Kids are gummy that! To Brittany and Kurt from dave, a real one a perfect storm of musical.! Outside for a second, I have n't been fair to you Rachel ] Finn Hey. Christmas tree ) Will: you ca n't mess with Sam or Finn any. Can sell twenty thousand pieces of anythings down his rep n't roller rinks outlawed in, like 1981. I Will hit you so much since your family 's farm scrambled to his feet, and our!