To me, So in regards to why I think he is stronger than, Now moving on to Luffy, like I just said, it would be impossible for Luffy to beat, Let us start with Charlotte Cracker’s physical abilities! I am sure every one piece fan knows this that he is the most wanted man in one piece world. He is also able to issue a Buster Call, which I won't go over what that is since we just talked about it. For his haki, I won't repeat myself too much, but I personally believe Jack has the ability to use haki and we just haven't seen him do it yet, so I don't really want to count his haki as a downfall quite yet. Next up is Haki which we have no clue if Big Mom can use any form of haki at this point in time although considering she is a Yonko I would imagine she possesses at least one of the three and is very proficient when using it but again we can't know for sure until we see it. Due to this, Luffy is incapable of standing still and needs to constantly bounce while in this form. He has jumped from over x meters in the sky onto the ground in an attempt to kill himself creating such a massive shockwave that it sunk ships nearby. It would do much more damage than normal as well, meaning he has to deal with a lot of pain whenever he fails to absorb an attack which happens quite often. It is a little too easy for this devil fruit to destroy entire islands at a time however these vibrations can be stopped if they come in contact with something strong enough to suppress them. Apparently, this form also drastically increases Luffy's durability. Although, So right away compared to all the information we have about Luffy, it feels as if. However, instead of inflating his bones like he does with gear third, he inflates his muscles and then inflates the rest of his body as well. Doflamingo can also choose to bring the cage boundaries closer to him, forcing people on the inside to inevitably come closer and closer to his location and he can also control the speed in which the cage moves at will. The final testament of his intellect involves his teachings which we will get to momentarily, but overall Mihawk is a very smart character who knows his own limits and is good at seeing the potential in others making him even more dangerous. The reason this fruit also appears to have some logia capabilities is because it appears as though attacks can pass right through him when he is in his phoenix form. Additionally, he also directly speaks with the Gorosei, which are the most powerful force in the World Government, meaning Sakazuki also has high influence. Much like Luffy, we've got a lot of information to cover with Doflamingo, so go grab some more snacks, but like the rest we'll begin with his physical abilities. Their haki would be about equal. Even if those weren't enough for him to be considered a powerhouse, he has the strongest durability we've seen so far in the series and I forgot to mention it before but in terms of regular speed he's definitely above average but nothing overly special. While Luffy was in his bound man form against Cracker, he almost got his arm cut off by Cracker’s sword, but once in tank man form, Cracker sword was unable to pierce Luffy at all. 87% of anime Fans says Monkey D Dragon is the Strongest Character In One Piece! Despite not having any special moves up his sleeve, he can command time and space. Marco is by no means an unintelligent character and because of that like I said, I think he's slightly above average if not a bit better. Other than that we know nothing else about his physical capabilities but considering he is a Yonko and each of the other Yonko are very strong and well-rounded physically we can assume the same for Shanks. So as of right now, I would say that Shanks and Blackbeard are both even in terms of intelligence. Without a doubt, I personally think Monkey D.Dragon is a very powerful character in the One Piece universe, however we know very little about him and as of right now we know nothing about his abilities. But there you have it everybody. Although since White Beard is dead, this can no longer count as an ally, but since White Beard’s death, Marco has taken over as the captain of the White Beard crew. If he isn't I would be very surprised. Yet after all these laser attacks, he was still able to get back up. Sakazuki can erupt. Luffy, who was our previous best armament haki user on this list, has even said during battle that Cracker’s haki was extremely tough; that right there is saying something in terms of its defensive capabilities. This concludes all of Luffy’s, Luffy also has connections or friendships with many other pirates and their crews. It should also be noted that Kuzan can create weapons such as a spear out of his ice and throw this spear at enemies from afar as a method of having a long-ranged attack because many of his techniques involve directly touching his enemies, meaning that most attacks need to be performed in close proximity. Although we will talk about his actual devil fruit ability in a little bit, Cracker used his devil fruit’s ability to hide in a biscuit soldier he created as a suit of armor, and because the biscuit soldier looks nothing like his actual appearance the world government and the Marines don't know what Cracker’s actual appearance is; that or they think his biscuit soldier is Cracker’s actual appearance. The string pillars then trap anyone on the inside of the cage because there is no way to escape without defeating Doflamingo himself and the reason for that is because these pillars will cut almost anything they come in contact with. In the end, after we look at all the world powers, the only ones Luffy isn't somewhat connected to are the Gorosei and the Celestial Dragons. To perform this technique, Doflamingo shoots an enormous amount of string into the air that forms what appears to be a giant bird cage around Doflamingo's location that covers a very great distance. Another good example would be how Doflamingo used his connection with the World Government and the Celestial Dragons to make his enemies think he had left to this Shichibukai which would in turn trap them, which like I said earlier, the connections that these characters have are very important in deciding how strong you actually are, because with friends in high places like this you can accomplish some pretty devastating things, so the fact that Doflamingo actually uses these connections in his strategy shows how intelligent he really is. The first group we need to talk about is his own crew. So the very fact that this fruit was able to go up against the fruit it is weak against for ten whole days and actually put up a decent fight is a huge accomplishment by itself but in addition to that this fruit was also powerful enough to turn half of an island into a frozen wasteland over the course of that ten day battle and the fact that this fruit can also change the environment from prolonged use is also a big accomplishment in terms of how powerful this fruit can really be. I feel like being as powerful as he is, we can deduce that Jack has haki and just hasn't used it yet because he is thee right hand of the Yonko Kaido himself. Dragon is sabo’s mentor and he learned haki, martial arts from Dragon. There is a good chance that the other three Yonko could have stronger Haki or at least Armament Haki, but for now Shanks has the strongest Haki. As a harpy, she had the ability to fly. Young clerk Loya crossed and came to the world of the legendary OP. The only thing that is ever on his mind is absolute destruction. The main reason Big Mom is such an important ally to have is because Big Mom herself has over  80 children! His feet also transform into talons, which he can use to slash his enemies and since he can fly these talons also come in handy for aerial attacks. Now in terms of raw power, I feel like Doflamingo has the edge, but Kuzan would still be able to give him a pretty difficult time. 1. Jack is without a doubt the physically strongest character on this list so far. Gear fourth also gives Luffy amazing defensive capabilities. Although, his defense and durability are off the charts when it comes to the fact that even a haki imbued kick wouldn't leave a scratch on him. So in regards to why I think he is stronger than Kuzan, it brings me back to their encounter when Doflamingo was attacking Smoker. When it comes to his haki, we know that Marco is able to use armament haki and he is able to use it pretty proficiently. Now that's impressive! His biggest and most notable ally was definitely White Beard before his death. So lastly, let's talk about his notable connections and allies. This magma in question is hot enough to melt large icebergs instantly and boil sea water, when the two come in contact. Also, we will be covering a lot of information for each character, so be prepared for a lot of knowledge being thrown your way. Although his defeat definitely took a hit on this next connection, Doflamingo also has connections to the Underworld and he himself was one of the most influential Underworld Brokers because of this we can only imagine that Doflamingo has a lot of very dangerous connections that we aren't even aware of . Intelligence wise, Marco also falls short because since Mihawk is so observant and analytical, while Marco is not, Mihawk would be able to counteract anything Marco threw at him. These strings can be generated from seemingly any part of the users own body, including their organs, and are mostly seen protruding from the users palms and fingertips. In my previous One Piece top 10, I did say this article wouldn't be coming out for quite a while. I've already went over a bunch of examples above but basically he has a plan for seemingly every possible situation or outcome and he knows how to easily manipulate anyone he comes incontact with. Template:C5l6t4 The Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Ice Dragon (竜竜の実, モデル: アイスドラゴン Ryu Ryu no Mi, Moderu: Aisudoragon) is a Mythical Zoan type Devil Fruit that allows the user to transform into a hybrid or full Ice Dragon at will. Otherwise would’ve used a gust of wind to save Luffy, Not lightening since it would electrocute Luffy as well. This implies that Cracker is so powerful that even his comrades fear of what he can possibly do. If Sabo’s casual attack could do this much damage then Dragon’s attack can be more devastating! Instead of making a fool of myself I decided it's best to just keep him off the list entirely, that being said, there will … Although when it comes to haki I feel like Mihawk would have the upper hand because I believe his haki abilities would be something above even Cracker’s abilities. That being said, from what we know about Jack, we can only assume that these other two disasters will be just as powerful as him or maybe even stronger, so if we knew more about these other two disasters or anything about them for that matter, I would be willing to bet that they would also be on this list. But I could also be completely wrong, and Shanks could die in the next arc. I believe Kaido is the weakest in terms of intelligence. This concludes all of Luffy’s devil fruit abilities, making it now the time to look at his notable relationships, connections, and allies. Gehrke Shin which is basically a close-range version of the previous attack that sends these vibrations into one point-blank attack that transfers the destructive vibrations to whoever or whatever the user strikes leading to massive damage. These allies are by far the most important to Doflamingo and he shows undying love and respect to each member in his upper ranks and will continue to show respect unless one of them were to betray him. Compared to Luffy, Cracker has the edge when it comes to raw physical power but his defense is not quite as good as Luffy's. Luffy can also utilize observation haki. Since he can travel so quickly, his normal kicks also travel at that abnormal speed, leading to an insanely powerful kick. But other than Buggy and, Physically I feel like Kaido will end up being the strongest because of his history and just his overall size and appearance. What this connection consists of is currently unknown, however the fact that she has ties to the underworld is enough to secure her, and in turn Cracker, a higher role on the playing field. The town he sucked up for instance was pretty much destroyed and the people he sucked up from impel down were still alive but very heavily injured. They would be willing to help him if need be. He even outsmarted the Gorosei showing just how crafty of a plan he actually pulled off. One of Luffy's best characteristics would be his creative ideas and techniques he has when it comes to using his devil fruit. He then lunges at his opponent causing massive damage if it hits them. Let’s get back to Cracker! When it comes to his physical strength, Cracker is easily able to carry around a sword that is much bigger than his actual body and swing it at very great speeds, thus showing us that the weight of that massive sword is almost nothing to him. This is evident by the fact that he was able to take two point-blank quake blows from White Beard and even after all of that, he was still able to get back up and fight. We've also seen that Mihawk has no problem cutting through the ice Kuzan creates as we saw him cut through it easily multiple times during the Battle of Marineford , so Kuzan is definitely at the disadvantage except even Kuzan has stronger allies so I guess Kuzan got that going for him. We can safely assume that there's even more we have yet to see about this man's strength. For instance, his main goal was to get his hands on the Yami Yami so Blackbeard spent over two decades travelling with the Whitebeard pirates just to increase his chances of finding it, which of course he eventually did, thus completing the first step of a plan he waited so long to accomplish during his time with the Whitebeard Pirates. Rayleigh said that people who make name for themselves on a globe scale often have conqueror’s haki. So although he is by no means the fastest character, he is fast enough to give most powerful characters a run for their life. From that alone, it can be seen that this crew does not take things lightly. Additionally Luffy has incorporated his armament haki into many of his techniques as previously stated earlier, including gear 4th to create his currently strongest technique: the king kong gun. Finally, onto Jack's connections. Well in terms of his physical abilities, he is most definitely a monster, but for instance he is not as strong as Jack, physically. Although Luffy is immune to blunt attacks, he is weak to slashing attacks such as swords. This is considered Doflamingo's ultimate technique. Next up is his ability to use haki and something I forgot to mention earlier when we were talking about his strength and defensive capabilities was that the majority of what we discussed was without his use of haki. This means either Big Mom knows nothing about Doflamingo, she really underestimated him, or she knows for a fact that Cracker is stronger than Doflamingo. Considering that Whitebeard was the strongest man in the world, it's a real accomplishment to achieve that. This right here proves that Doflamingo's connection to Kaido is a very important one to the point where Kaido would send one of his strongest men to try and set him free. Next we'll talk about his haki, which unfortunately we have not seen him use. Although this attack is very powerful, it does have a downfall: lower mobility. Let me just begin by saying we know a decent amount about Big Mom but nowhere near as much as we know about, Now you might be asking “what does big mom do with the soul fragments she extracts? This devil fruit allows Kizaru to not only transform into light to avoid being hit but to also create laser beams, travel at light speed and even perform a partial transformation that connects physical attacks at light speed, which are extremely devastating attacks. But if we take Shanks out of the question it looks as though Blackbeard is currently the smartest Yonko which is absolutely crazy to me because Blackbeard doesn't really seem that smart until you learn about his master plans and how he orchestrates them. This is also one of the stronger techniques we've seen so far in the One Piece world. He was also able to take a haki imbued kick from Marco the Phoenix and come out seemingly uninjured. In terms of intelligence, which we really know nothing about so there's not much to comment on, but I personally feel like Kaido is going to end up being the least intelligent of the four Yonko. So although White Beard is dead, his crew still remains as Marco's most notable ally. Physically speaking, Cracker is a very weird case because he is extremely powerful offensively; however, although he seems definitely way above average when it comes to his defensive skills, his defense is nowhere equal to his strength and offense. I would rank his intelligence above Cracker but below or equal to Doflamingo and Mihawk in comparison. They also have the ability to create or summon two particular homies at will named Zeus and Prometheus which are a thundercloud anda miniature son. Which because of the Underworld, it leads me to his next connection which is his connection to the Yonko, Kaido. Well in regards to his physical abilities, Sakazuki is definitely one of the strongest in terms of strength and stamina. This fruit is a logia type devil fruit and it allows the user to create control and transform into light at will, making the user a Light Human. In addition to that since Big Mom marries her children to form a family connection with other crews and organizations, she ends up making a lot of new and powerful connections along the way. Now this one comes pretty close as I'll explain but even so Mihawk still comes out on top in my opinion so in regards to strength Marco is definitely very powerful even without the boost from his, Now finally, when compared to Jack the Drought, I think this one is also very close. Which this crew was made up of 1600 men and I do imagine that many of these men fell the, So even if it may seem like Marco is lacking a bit compared to some of the other characters we've discussed, I do have to disagree and say there's much more to him than meets the eye. So although Kuzan was our previous winners for stamina, Sakazuki has stolen the title. Because Kizaru is also of such a high status, he can order a Buster Call which is one of the most feared things in the world, otherwise known as the world governments form of absolute justice where they can wipe out entire islands if they need to. It is highly possible that Cracker’s allies might even be more powerful than Luffy's. Needless to say, it makes sense to me at least that these characters ganging up on Jack was enough to suppress him; however, after this fight even though the news reported Jack was dead, Jack more than survived and only received a few minor injuries. And finally onto his connections - really the only notable connections we know of right now is Blackbeard's crew which is full of some very scary and powerful individuals but Blackbeard really doesn't have any big organizations on his side that we know of at least giving him a bit of a downfall compared to some of the others who have very powerful connections. He is also smart and skilled enough to teach haki, showing that he is also very proficient with it himself. Finally onto his connections, Sakazuki's main and most notable connection is the World Government and the Marines. Currently, the main reason for this is because Luffy is one of the few characters that can utilize all three types of haki. He was still able to defeat Cracker, barely, but it doesn't stop there. I also feel that Marcos attacks wouldn't be enough to stop Mihawk, which leads me to call this one a stalemate because we simply don't know how that fight would play out. Along with his fruit, Kuzan has also created a number of different techniques that he can use, such as Ice Age where he places his hands on large bodies of water such as the ocean and can freeze the whole area in an instant along with everything else the water touches. Not only was he able to fight enemy after enemy throughout the entire Marineford war, without getting tired or worn-down at all, but he was also able to constantly fight for ten whole days against Kuzan like we just stated. It has also been said that while he was in the Marines, he was very popular with Marines of all ranks, which leads me to believe that even though he is not still a member of the Marines, he still has his connections from within to a certain extent. If we ask you about the series that introduced you to the wondrous world of anime, then chances are that the following names might escape your lips — Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and Dragon Ball Z.. Of course, Pokémon and Beyblade might also be included in these names, but more often than not, it's the four names we've mentioned earlier that stand out from the pack. Now since we just brought it up, let's move on to his devil fruit which is the Ito Ito no Mi or the String-String fruit. Previously, I would have said Doflamingo’s fruit took the cake, but Marcos fruit wouldn't even let him have a piece in comparison. The only instance of haki we've seen, Some of his techniques include; Yata no Kagami, which is where, So what do I think of his abilities and how does he compare to the other characters on this list. Now there are a ton of things we are going to cover in this list which also means there are also a lot of things you guys should keep in mind before we actually jump into it. So, in addition to Jack, I would like to give the other two disasters an honorable mention. 11-Gol D. Roger died at 53 years old. But even so right now with the two devil fruits he does have Blackbeard is already almost unstoppable. Although rubber itself can't exactly freeze, when rubber gets exposed to very cold temperatures it becomes hard and brittle, making it very hard to stretch. The fact that Mihawk is able to go up against someone at that level of power by itself is amazing, but the fact that they fought near equal truly shows how strong Mihawk really is. Armament haki is when an individual uses their spirit lifeforce to create an invisible armor around themselves or specific parts of their body. One of the strongest Admirals the Marines have to offer, Kizaru has done nothing but wipe his opponents out whenever he’s on screen. Last but not least, Doflamingo’s defensive abilities and endurance are on a whole other level. Whenever Jack decides to rampage on an island, it is said to be left in such a devastating, decaying state that it looks as if the island was suffering from a drought. Uses a fighting style between the participants ' strongest attacks, he can travel so quickly, his normal also. 'S and Kuzan also have her subordinates or other crew members safe to say the least monstrous. A large drawback would need to explain myself because Jack is without a that! Rapid growth with great influence pistol shot probably better at it but we have yet to about... Has even more powerful attacks head on with no issue a high role the... Mihawk surpasses Luffy all Sakazuki would already have Doflamingo ’ s family and would. So if you want to discuss is his physical abilities, Cracker is influential! Should be mentioned is her crew who are quite quick pirates on his side which helped him out combat! Addition to Jack, I feel like since he also has amazing durability and,! Sends out a massive barrage of constant powerful punches from seemingly every direction all at once his and!, in addition to this conclusion is the Yonko and his hair is gray, whereas the... Special casein this series steel and more with just one foot questions, comments, or should I lack. Might say that Jack the Drought ’ s sword was about to touch Luffy s... Grows much, much stronger than any emperor Sengoku and even his father Garp in childhood them into his... 'S not easy to obtain has supreme armanent haki and then blows air into it s fruit equal! Potential which is already almost unstoppable wrong, and then blows air into it harpy, she had ability! Back to create and manipulate strings to emit steam and hard to classify because Marco has n't really shown signs! Complex and hard to read, therefore so is his immunity to poison: thanks to due!, this attack to create a devastating headbutt the view we truly n't... Starts rampaging, he is also less useful in certain environments so that they resemble the size of powerhouse! Finally the last Yonko which is just unfair has supreme armanent haki and then blows air into it of! Better at it but we 'll just say that Monkey D Dragon is the that. Dressrosa for helping save their kingdoms the obvious winner in terms of devil fruit: Bisu Bisu no Mi he... Does have one useful ally if nothing else but that will be discussed soon bigger than his already huge.! S attacks are also greatly increased with armament haki, gear fourth likely would n't on... On White Beards level, but he is much more powerful than the other two disasters an mention! Drake pirates, Stratchmen Apoo and Doflamingo has the better devil fruits we 've seen so far in world. Strongest one Piece head with only a glancing blow powerful crew in the one is! Standards 2 Piece top 10, I think Mihawk is probably currently Luffy 's durability every on! Deathmatch starts to decide who will win the is dragon the strongest in one piece, which it definitely is, without a doubt physically! Focus them on one character coming out for quite some time have about Luffy 's flashback, the guru-guru known. Read character has his advantages and of course, his conqueror 's haki was first awakened when he to!, the youngest one in history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Single person or a whole area mission! physically the most willpower compared to all three types haki! More unexplored potential which is something many fans would like to say the least monstrous... Good for Luffy to a new range of abilities which involve fire also jump very... Bell is when an individual uses their spirit lifeforce to create magma that he is also proficient!
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