The AP2 716 is a forged iron, providing an extremely soft feel on flushed shots. Serious distance. The T-300 model is the most forgiving iron in Titleist's new lineup Acushnet Titleist irons have always had a classic look, especially when it comes to their mid and low handicap offerings. Wilson Staff Triton DVD vs 2017 TaylorMade M1, Weighing In: GBB Epic Driver vs. GBB Epic Sub Zero Driver, M Battle: 2016 TaylorMade M2 vs. 2017 TaylorMade M2, Shape It or Bomb It: TaylorMade 2017 Drivers – M1 vs M2, PING GMax Irons: Distance and Forgiveness To The Max, Mizuno JPX-900 Tour vs. JPX-900 Hot Metal, TaylorMade P790 Irons: Player’s Look with Extreme Distance, New PING G400 Drivers: Smaller, Faster, Forgiving. He began his career in 1998 as the Assistant Golf Professional at Wake Forest Golf Club in Wake Forest, NC. The T300 offers the most forgiving player’s experience possible, with a modern shape that rewards the player with faster ball speeds and preferred feel. The AP2 716 still packs plenty of forgiveness. Since returning to North Carolina, Rudi has worked with the First Tee of the Triangle helping to instill life skills and core values through the game of golf to local youth. I didn’t manage to test the wedge but it would be around the 160 yards mark, so gapping from 110 to 160 will be the challenge. The AP3 was the iron that Titleist had been waiting for as their AP2s headed to the tour and the AP1s got longer, so they needed something in the middle for single figure players.. I could never understand the structure of the AP Series. So Titleist 716 AP2 tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than TaylorMade P760 Iron, as seen on the chart below. I was blown away with the performance but was more impressed with how the forged face improved the acoustics and feel. While still more forgiving than a blade, the AP2 716 isn’t far off when it comes to performance and feel while still maintaining forgiveness. Now Titleist has readdressed the situation with the T Series. When just hitting some balls on the driving range, you don't have to worry about hitting a few bad shots The PING i200 is a bit larger profile and topline than the AP2 716. The T100 and T200 irons are priced at $1,399 for a set of eight steel-shafted clubs while the T300 lineup runs $999. Titleist realised that they were missing a gap in the market. TItleist 718 AP2 iron. The only thing i read - "Forged to suit the player’s eye. The Titleist AP2 716’s softer feel allows the ball to stay on the face a bit longer, providing more spin. While the AP2 irons are bulky by Titleist's standards, the AP1 heads are noticeably larger and the top edge is also broader. If the upside of more forgiveness outweighs the feedback you receive, the i200 is your club. The slightly i200 provides that extra bit of confidence for golfers worried about hitting the center of the club every single time. The Clubhead and sole is similar to the AP2 or T100 irons and not like the AP1 or T300. In 2002, Rudi accepted a similar position at Rio Mar Country Club in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. After Blacklake, Rudi spent one year as Head Golf Professional at Paso Robles Golf Club before deciding to return home to North Carolina. Titleist T100 Irons vs Taylormade P770 (2020) Irons – Comparison. A new fully-forged cavity construction is balanced by co-forged, dual-density tungsten for precise distance control with exceptional stability. The AP2 716 is no exception. It was high time that Titleist sorted out their iron order. Rudi Fann has been a Class “A” member of the PGA of America since 2008. The T200 will be the base model which all the combo sets will include. Absolutely nothing wrong with the AP2's. So now that the range is sequenced correctly, what we really need to find out is how the new models compare with their predecessors. Guys, this one is as easy as it gets, so I’m going to move fast. So Titleist 716 AP2 tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Callaway Apex Irons, as seen on the chart below. However, even some better players get intimidated by the butter knife appearance of the Titleist. The Titleist T200’s are the official upgrade to the Titleist AP3 irons.As a result, there are a number of similarities between these irons. The DHL Swing Against Cancer Golf Series returned back from its summer break with a bang as 120 local golfers... Are Golf Balls or Modern Drivers Destroying Classic Courses? Whether you are looking to add more firepower to a T100 mix or adjust the gapping with the T300, the new range has something for everyone. TaylorMade add more firepower to their Players iron range, Odyssey expands #7 putter with Stroke Lab Black ‘Toe Up’ version, Golf Superstore’s top five hottest products, eGolf Megastore launch new custom fit service AccuFit, Gullit helps raise significant funds for recovering cancer patient at DSA Open. The 718 AP2 irons are the ideal blend of technology and tradition in a single set. It provides a good solid feel at impact, whether shots hit the center or off center. Taylor H@ I was a long time AP2 player and finally switched to the T200. but the feel of the T100's is like butter. On the naming front, the 2017 introduction of AP3 between AP2 and AP1 on the forgiveness scale was a little confusing, so now the range goes T100, T200 and T300 in order of size. In the category of clubs meant for mid to low handicap players, the PING i200 and Titleist AP2 716 offer many similarities. Jordan Spieth has been playing Titleist’s AP2 irons “since 2010, maybe earlier,” he said, according to a Titleist press release on Wednesday. AP1 was their game improvement iron, followed by the AP2, which was aimed to please the better player who sought a minimal offset and smaller head. It delivers powerfully playable distance with a tour-inspired look and feel. That will … Think of the T200 irons as a replacement for the AP3 model. Although it was not a blade it was a huge hit with the players on Tour. The T100, T200, and T300 irons make up the new T-Series line from Titleist. BEST GOLF IRONS - COMPARISON CHART FOR 2019 >> One of the best things you can do for your iron game is simply to experiment on the practice tee. Have fun and good luck. Weighing the subtle variations in look, feel and performance give you the knowledge to choose which club is right for you. There are some small performance differences comparing the PING i200 vs Titleist AP2 716. This reduced spin leads the ball to carry slightly further and fly slightly straighter. Copyright © 2021 GlobalGolf Blog - WordPress Theme : By Offshorethemes, Callaway Epic vs TaylorMade M2 2017 Irons, Better Driver Adjustments? I upgraded from 718 AP2's to the T100's and all I can say is, they are great. Quick Summary. We know that the AP3 is long, due to its low centre of gravity and strong lofts, so it came as no surprise that the T200 evolved this characteristic even further. They are very forgiving in my opinion and have a forged face which gives a nice feedback. In his time at Blacklake, Rudi devoted much of his time to running tournaments and other activities in order to create a social atmosphere at the club. Courtesy of Titleist. Regardless of ability, a little forgiveness is always welcomed no matter how good you are. Stock shafts for the T200 are the True Temper AMT Black and the MCA Tensei Blue AMT (74-88g). Only you will know for sure so get out there and hit all of them. The added spin and landing angles of the T200 will also assist you in holding greens with your approach shots. He spent a year there before moving to Nipomo, CA where he worked at Blacklake Golf Resort. The T100S irons are 2-degrees stronger than the T100 irons . A post shared by Titleist (@titleist) on Jun 17, 2019 at 5:19am PDT. The seven-iron averaged 198.1 yards and carried 185.2 yards. Titleist carried over many of the features that made AP2 so popular including the strategic use of tungsten weighting. The Difference Between the Titleist T100 vs T100S (Comparison) There is a small difference between the T100 and T100S. Maximum Impact technology extends maximum speed across an extremely forgiving mid-sized face, powering a fast cavity-back design that delivers the best combination of high launch, long distance and forgiveness.control with exceptional stability. The i200 has a simple look at address, similar to the AP2 716. Additionally, the T200 irons are a bit more forgiving than the T100, but they still have a traditional look. A T300 4-6 iron and T200 7-wedge is a combo worth considering. This club was designed and built with two purposes: PERFORMANCE plus FORGIVENESS and it delivers both in ambundance. There are also some differences that could mean a lot to the better player. Go to your trusted golfshop and test a set of T200. The stock grip is again Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet 360. The cavity-back designs are similar, with both featuring a black and silver tungsten nickel pla… This club is aimed at the better player, with a consistent strike pattern, and favours feel over distance. Although, each iron leans in a slightly different direction regarding its main strengths. It’s slightly more forgiving than the MB and CB irons in the range, but you can understand why this is the preferred iron with the Titleist staff players. The cast construction of the i200 allows the ball to spend less time on the clubface at impact, resulting in less spin. For 2020, the engineers at Titleist took their player feedback and have made a slight tweak to the T100 irons creating a fully-forged player … Yep, an iron set costing $1,300. The TitleistT200 irons are the successor to the AP3. Compared to the PING i200, the AP2 716 features a very compact, simple look. With a lower center of gravity, both T200 and T300 provide an increased launch angle, giving Titleist design engineers the ability to … However, it's fairly safe to say that TaylorMade P760 Iron is a more popular iron set, based on its reviews. A true players’ iron, T100 offers confidence-inspiring looks and Tour-quality performance with the signature Titleist feel. I also had the 714 and 716 CB's which I thought were great clubs, but went to the AP2's hoping for a bit more forgiveness and distance. The T100•S is almost exactlylike the T100, except that the lofts are 2° stronger. We have the answer! This means the T200 spun on average 700rpm less than the AP3 but achieved a landing angle of 47.4 degrees – identical to that of the higher lofted T100 and one-and-a-half degrees higher than the AP3. Having played the AP3 for more than 8 months, the T200 was the club I was most interested in. However, it's fairly safe to say that Callaway Apex Irons is a more popular iron set, based on its 10+ reviews. It’s not much different to the AP2 in terms of looks and performance. The Titleist T100 Irons and the Taylormade P770 Irons are designed for a similar type of player. It’s still a bit on the chunky side but has all the right curves in all the right places. This feel creates confidence, but the lack of feedback on misses can be frustrating. The PING i200 is a cast iron. Both of these irons offer the performance and forgiveness desired by mid to low handicap players. They both fall into the ‘player-distance’ category, meaning they have a descent amount of game improvement technology, but in … Titleist has officially launched its T-series (T100, T200 and T300), 620 MB and 620 CB irons to the public, after recently launching its new U500 and U510 irons), as well as its TS hybrids. The feel is the best out of the T Series range but the yardage drop between a solid strike and a slight miss hit is by far the greatest. This comparison of the PING i200 vs Titleist AP2716 highlights some of those differences. Lower handicap player looking to be extra precise with approach shots thrive on the ability to shape shots. They didn’t have a model that sat between the AP1 and AP2 so they launched the AP3. The extra spin makes stopping the ball easier and makes it easier to shape shots. Combined with this great feel on well-struck shots is instant feedback when a shot is struck poorly. You might find the T200 a better solution. 다음은 타이틀리스트 t200 신형 아이언 입니다. Over the next 10 years, he worked his way from Assistant Golf Professional to Head Golf Professional and finally Director of Golf Operations. That means highly skilled golfers looking for a premium quality iron that has excellent feel and descent distance. Done. The only issue I encountered was that players might struggle with their gapping as it’s probably too long in the short irons. Game improvement performance with a more traditional look at address. If you’re looking for a complicated technology story, you’ve come to the wrong place. Traditionally, Titleist has produced simple, classical-looking irons with small heads and thin top edges. This was achieved with a new thinner, faster forged SUP-10 L-Face Insert and 90g of high-density tungsten, placed in the heel and toe to lower the centre of gravity even further. Yet this was the only real negative of the AP3. Leave a Comment / Product Reviews / By richard. Both options and are described as mid-launch and mid-spin. You are probably used to it by now, with the current releases starting at roughly $1,000 and up. I’ve been told that I sometimes can be overly technical so I want to make sure I didn’t lose any of you. If you are looking for a few extra yards, the PING i200 is the way to go. View this post on Instagram . In this review I detail the key technologies incorporated in the Titleist T100, T200 and T300 irons, dive into some launch monitor data, and submit a few observations that will hopefully clarify the similarities and differences between the T-Series and 718 AP series irons. I am interested in the T100 iron, probably will switch my AP2 716 but want to know how forgiving they are compared to AP2 716 or 718. The T100 replaces the AP2; the T200 comes in for the AP3 and the T300 replaces the AP1. If you’re in between the T100 and T200, the main differences you should consider is forgiveness and loft. Indeed, it appears that Titleist will be discontinuing the “AP” model series, with the T100 becoming the AP2, the T200 becoming the AP3 and the T300 becoming the TS1. Don’t be fooled, though. My advise would be to do a Titleist Thursday and try multiple models. If you are already used to the AP2, the T400 will be a significantly different club with more offset and thicker sole. They came up with the marketing calculation of, “One plus two equals three.” It was a clever way of introducing the AP3 but the range just didn’t flow and the AP3 merely appeared to be a tag-on, even though it was the iron that appealed to the wider range of player – plus the fact that it has long been the best-selling Titleist iron in the Middle East. Everybody good? While big and flashy has been the trend with many manufacturers, Titleist has stuck to their roots. Many players depend on feel to evaluate their game and the shot hit. T200 and T300 IRONS Moving through the series, the T200 and T300 are larger irons with even more of an emphasis on the use of tungsten weighting. The Titleist T200 iron was previously the AP3 and is now numerically in the middle of the Titleist iron family where it belongs.. 기존에는 AP1,AP2,AP3 이렇게 구분되어 출시가 되었는데 올해는 T200 으로 출시가 되었습니다. T100 inspires daring, imaginative play with precise distance, Tour-level shaping and signature Titleist feel. On our test of the T200, it carried seven yards longer with the same shaft and loft. The S stands for Strong. For players who are getting too much performance, it might be worth playing a mix T200 and T300 bag to balance the yardage gaps. The outgoing AP1 was a little too bulky, even for a ‘game improvement iron’ but the T300 has been on a diet. AP3 took a lot of sales from AP2 because it was a better player iron that had tech and more forgiveness. The T200 irons have stronger lofts, which make them more appropriate for golfers who are looking for a little more distance with their irons. The AP1 and AP2 irons with their larger heads and more decorated cavity backs were a break from that tradition. Maximum Impact technology spreads maximum speed and distance control evenly across T200’s thin, forged L-face – with high launch and stopping power to convert near misses into near-perfect strokes. Thin top lines at address, a look preferred by better players, inspires workability. Our hope is to help guide you towards making the right decision between the two clubs. This site is dedicated to suggesting the best VALUE golf clubs on the market, so we have a tough time recommending brand new releases like the Titleist T400 irons.. What’s hot this Christmas at Golf Superstore?