Crowdfunding is a growing global phenomenon that has also begun to establish itself in Sweden. Food & Beverage, Foodtech . Eigenkapital The platform has a major focus on European entrepreneurs to facilitate cross-border investments that benefit both entrepreneurs and investors to assist with job creation and economic growth. Immobilien, A property developer is converting a commercial property into rental apartments. Informationstechnologie, The biggest Digital Key Manager in Sweden and we are planning an IPO. Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Property group with a current stock valued at SEK 375 million. Immobilien, Space-efficient apartments in Haninge just 400m from the train station. Eigenkapital Der Crowdfunding-Markt in Schweden ist noch immer unreguliert. €3,485.00 GESAMMELT. The Crowd Angel is an equity crowdfunding platform that enables its users to invest from €3000 in a selection of the best Spanish startups. Eigenkapital ist die Crowdfunding-Plattform für alle, die für ein persönliches Ziel, einen Wunsch, Traum, eine Stiftung usw. Immobilien, New industrial property development in Stockholm. will!. Immobilien, Residential project with 28 out of 30 units sold. Eigenkapital Immobilien, The app for divorced and separated with children. Immobilien, Company with expanding stock of properties. Kale United seeks out and incorporates the best plant-based brands, consolidating and accelerating this... Darlehen Darlehen Eigenkapital Immobilien, Lakeside tenant-ownership units in southern Stockholm Darlehen Our business focuses on efficient sourcing and... Pre-IPO: Ekoappen - Ditt viktigaste val för vår framtid! Vorverkauf Kommunikationsdienste, Nyproduktion med 91 % uthyrningsgrad Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Technology saving life and money. Featuring a long-lasting water tank, large growing space, a powerful built in lamp and... Immobilien, Group with existing rental stock in Trollhättan and Getinge. Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Expansion av befintligt bestånd om över 100 mkr. Eigenkapital Kameo; This is another real estate crowdfunding platform based in Sweden that gives a platform to anyone with a real estate idea to get a loan through crowdlending . A digital platform with advanced AI combining mass human intelligence with advanced machine algorithms, we... Invest in investigative journalism Immobilien, Koncern med bestånd om 400 mkr. The main focus of this platform is internationality and, in this regard, facilitating cross-border investments that are beneficial to both the entrepreneurs raising money for their businesses and the investors. Kommunikationsdienste, Nybyggnation av lokaler med 12-årigt hyreskontrakt. Darlehen We make it easier for suppliers and retailers to find each other and sell... möchte die sehr gute Ausbildung an sehr guten Instrumenten unterstützen. Immobilien, Co-operative housing in the Stockholm archipelago. Vorverkauf Informationstechnologie, Invest in Eggs Inc for growth. Immobilien, Creating a better future with drones. Über diese Möglichkeit lassen sich zunächst unbekannte Projekte erfolgreich finanzieren. Eigenkapital Eigenkapital Immobilien, Acquisition and project development in the premium segment. WriteyBoards mount flush with the wall for a modern look that is as fun as it... Darlehen Immobilien, Property conversion on the outskirts of a popular shopping district Overfunded in 10 days! Immobilien, Newly developed industrial premises in tenant-ownership form in Stockholm. Wie eingangs ausgeführt, lassen sich die Crowdfunding-Plattformen jedoch nicht immer trennscharf dem Crowdlending oder Crowdinvesting zuordnen. FundedByMe. Immobilien, Lowly leveraged rental property in Skåne to be converted into residential units. After focusing on providing the citizens of Stockholm with the best chocolate... Interessieren Sie sich für den Venture Kapitalismus anstatt einfach nur ein Projekt zu … Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, QuizBet, first Quiz App built for real money games. Darlehen After four years... Eigenkapital There is no central professional body for the Swedish crowdfunding platforms and the precise number of them is open to interpretation under the existing vague rules as to what exactly is or is not a crowdfunding platform. Immobilien, Välplanerade ettor och tvåor i Huddinge. Darlehen Darlehen Industrie, Commercial property with all premises leased. Eigenkapital Gesundheit, Refresh people on the go - with less impact on the environment. Darlehen Basiskonsumgüter, Simplified periods by MonthlyCup. Immobilien, Tenant ownership units with a ski-in/ski-out location in Åre. Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, Mouche. Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Smart • Social • Shopping. Food & Beverage, Foodtech . "Faster Games and Higher Winnings" Eigenkapital Eigenkapital Eigenkapital Immobilien, Familjevänliga äganderätter i Solbacka. Immobilien, Join in on the vegan revolution!. Darlehen Powermind är en app som erbjuder hypnos via färdiga ljudspår och ett bokningssystem för privata... 0 Days Left. Darlehen Vici iGaming AB generate organic traffic of potential... Eigenkapital Eigenkapital Darlehen To make it short and sweet, AIAR is a mobile application that gives... Eigenkapital A climate-smart marketplace for transportation and removals. MyMicroinvest: "MyMicroInvest is an investment crowdfunding platform of promising European startups and growing businesses, all backed by a unique crowd. The Final Tribe is an esports club with professional teams... Tario makes it easy for users to get an overview of... NGM Nordic SME (Sweden) FundedByMe Crowdfunding Sweden is a crowdfunding company within equity crowdfunding. Anywhere.. Mooringo has identified the need for better information and created a digital... Immobilien, Residential units with 1–2 rooms plus kitchen in a municipality with a housing shortage. Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Biohacking patented immune system and performance enhancing functional chewing gum.. Patented biohacking formula in well tasting functional chewing... Antique Scandinavia AB brings the world of classic antiques... Alle Projekte haben hier eine Laufzeit von maximal 100 Tagen, wie der Name der Plattform schon erahnen lässt. Darlehen Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Eggs Included Sweden AB. Darlehen Seit 2011 listet alle Crowdfunding-Plattformen, die im deutschsprachigen Raum aktiv sind. Darlehen Informationstechnologie, Fullt uthyrd industrifastighet strax utanför Göteborg. Immobilien, Expansiv fastighetskoncern utökar verksamheten. Vorverkauf Join us on our journey to build the leading global backpacks company! Die Betreiberin der Crowdfunding-Platt­form, die Innovestment GmbH aus Berlin, ist insolvent (Az. Gesundheit, Parhusprojekt där 13 av 20 bostäder är sålda. Informationstechnologie, We recycle your phone. Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Swedish Eco Brew - Born in Sweden, enjoyed by the world!. Eigenkapital Andere, Italian luxury menswear clothing made affordable.. Grand Le Mar is a menswear e-commerce clothing brand. A life planner that helps you keep your life organized,... Swedish crowdfunding platform FundedByMe is launching a bitcoin pilot project, allowing investors to use the virtual currency to buy stakes in a bitcoin trading company. Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Elinnovation AB. Eigenkapital Eigenkapital Darlehen Eigenkapital Darlehen Immobilien, Improvements to distillery building in southern Sweden Redfellas is a coffee chain that blends traditional Swedish... Darlehen Das Ziel von Indiegogo ist es, diese Projekte durch eine globale Community von Gleichgesinnten zu verwirklichen und sich gegeneinander für die verschiedenen Ideen einzusetzen. In Schweden hat das Elektroauto Startup Uniti Sweden bereits nach kürzester Zeit das Finanzierunsziel von 500.000 € für eine Seedfinanzierung im Rahmen einer Crowdfunding-Kampagne erreicht. Indiegogo ist eine internationale Crowdfunding Plattform aus San Francisco. Darlehen Bei Seedmatch haben Sie die Chance, online ab 250 Euro in dynamische Startups und am Markt etablierte, wachstumsstarke Unternehmen zu investieren (auch equity-based Crowdfunding genannt) und sich damit am wirtschaftlichen Erfolg der Firmen zu beteiligen. Eigenkapital Swedish natural and organic vodka Mobile gifting platform Give Darlehen Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Our Vision is Shared. Adopt a tree, an animal or part of a garden, receive fresh food cultivated just for you straight from the farmers and help fight food waste. Darlehen Kommunikationsdienste, We bring the river to the city!. Immobilien, Populärt parhusprojekt söder om Stockholm där 29 av 30 enheter är sålda. A rental concept with cool electric bikes delivered through municipalities, campsites and... Eigenkapital Darlehen The service offered by Spark Crowdfunding is targeted exclusively at investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand these risks and make their own investment decisions. Energie, The world’s first collection of four waters designed to match different styles of wine.. MINVINO is a new... Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, InstrumentChamp. Eigenkapital We are building the future online shopping experience, a webshop where... Darlehen Eigenkapital Darlehen Eigenkapital All informations, projects and data are gathered from respective platforms where campaigns are hosted. Imagine all your devices, gadgets and appliances seamlessly connected to... Darlehen Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, Taking contemporary fashion to the workwear market. The project has been granted state investment... Darlehen Immobilien, Leased rental properties outside of Stockholm. Basiskonsumgüter, IQS Energy Komfort AB (publ.). We build energy-producing ecological houses by building an energy park close to the properties with upgradeable... Vorverkauf Projekt anmelden und einstellen Zunächst müssen Sie sich auf der Plattform Ihrer Wahl registrieren. Entdecken Sie Crowdinvestment-Chancen und -Kampagnen in Schweden. Darlehen Sweden. Uniti entwickelt und baut ein Elektroauto für den urbanen Raum. Become a "Greenstar " and join us in our mission... Immobilien, 17 terraced houses with pool area. Immobilien, First stages of a terraced development on Öländ. Enter your email to follow this campaign Follow 182%. Informationstechnologie, The easy way to make better choices. Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Expansion av etablerat fastighetsbolag. MyVegina is your vegan happy place. Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Åre Natural Mineral Water. Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Bostäder med golfnära läge under produktion. Immobilien, Newly built tenant-ownership units right by the beach. Join our journey.. With the philosophy that "Less is More", we carefully develop ecological and... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Invest in Fast Track. Darlehen Finanzen, The future is plant-based. Darlehen Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Join the RÅvolution. Immobilien, 100 % uthyrda bostäder i Sundbyberg. Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Always in opposition. Eigenkapital Eigenkapital Increases productivity and profit through healthier employees. Darlehen Unique flavours and powerful brands that stand out. Gesundheit, Not A Soft Drink. Das Phänomen Crowdfunding wird immer beliebter und ist mittlerweile zu einem festen Begriff geworden. Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, We give all entrepreneurs all resources they need to develop their business ideas.. Help us to help other... Andere, A restaurant chain focused on gourmet street-style food with a touch of Italian traditions.. Join a rapidly and... Die besten Crowdfunding-Plattformen in Schweden. Eigenkapital Beim Crowdfunding … Through a modern digital platform, the company gets an overall picture... Immobilien, Co-operative housing units about 20 mintues from Stockholm city centre. Immobilien, Nyproducerade bostäder 5 min från centrum Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Make buying art effortless for a new generation of art collectors!. Kommunikationsdienste, Powering our Carbon Neutral Future. Eigenkapital Beloved Swedish ice cream brand Lily & Hanna’s take the next step on our growth journey. These have... Immobilien, Residential project with 70% of units sold. Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Fresh Organic Baby Food. Eigenkapital Gesundheit, The Taco Rollolution!. Be a part of the m-commerce revolution Eigenkapital The Nobe 100 is a three-wheeled, neo-designed, light electric vehicle.... A home for film, music, art, theater, games, comics, design, photography, and more. Darlehen Immobilien, Animal care made easy.. We are not only there if an animal falls ill, we are there their... Crowdfunding Crowdinvesting, Registrierung Registrieren Sie sich hier kostenlos über das folgende Formular. Eigenkapital Now we are taking the... Eigenkapital Kommunikationsdienste, The future of online grocery shopping!. Energie, Responsible shopping that make you SMILE. Immobilien, Newly built tenant-ownership units in a growing municipality. Immobilien, According To statistics, large number of bikes are stolen in summer, save your bikes from theft this summer... Immobilien, Revolution in procurement. Immobilien, Familjevänlig nyproduktion med försäljningsgrad på 97 % Basiskonsumgüter, 100% vegan, organic, gluten free and free from additives. Immobilien, Pre-sold properties in island village on Ljusterö. All cakes are baked and delivered on demand, manually handcrafted and made locally... Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Blank Spot Project. Savage Worlds: Nebula Arcana – Harte Urban-Fantasy. Informationstechnologie, Konvertering av en unik industrifastighet i Helsingborg. Es existiert keine klare Definition des Begriffs Crowdfunding und kein spezifisches Gesetz wie in Deutschland, Frankreich oder Großbritannien. Wir sichern Ihnen dann einen Platz in der Crowdfunding Plattform zu, wo wir Sie auch umfassend unterstützen können, um Ihnen Hilfe für die ersten Schritte zu geben. Literally. Darlehen Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Swedish Eco-Brew. Online gallery curating unique artworks made by... Darlehen Eigenkapital Darlehen Part Tripod, Well-known developer preparing for listing II, Well-known property developer preparing for listing, Green Dev – Pyrolysis and Distillation systems, Rental property close to the sea on Värmdö, Wind farm with guaranteed electricity price, Further development of an attractive commercial property, Growing rental stock in central locations, Award-winning developer with exclusive properties, Newly developed detached houses in Sigtuna, Construction begun on a semi-detached project in a great location for commuters, Project under production south of Stockholm, Popular residential properties by the Kalmar Strait, Residential housing project in an expansive urban municipality, Lokalanpassning för långsiktiga hyresgäster, Properties close to the sea in southern Stockholm, Conversion of property dating from the turn of the century, Residential properties close to the city centre in Stockholm, Residential project under construction on Öland, Beste zurückgezahlte Crowdfunding-Projekte, Die besten Equity Crowdfunding-Plattformen, Die besten Immobilien Crowdfunding-Plattformen, Die besten Reward Crowdfunding-Plattformen, Die besten Crowdfunding-Plattformen in Österreich, Die besten Crowdfunding-Plattformen in Australien, Die besten Crowdfunding-Plattformen in Estland, Die besten Crowdfunding-Plattformen in Spanien, Die besten Crowdfunding-Plattformen in Finnland, Die besten Crowdfunding-Plattformen in Frankreich, Die besten Crowdfunding-Plattformen in Deutschland, Die besten Crowdfunding-Plattformen in Großbritannien, Die besten Crowdfunding-Plattformen in Italien, Die besten Crowdfunding-Plattformen in Polen, Die besten Crowdfunding-Plattformen in Schweden, Die besten Crowdfunding-Plattformen in Vereinigte Staaten. Ekoappen inspires more people to natural health and a sustainable lifestyle.... Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Vultus aims to reduce 40% of fertiliser usage with global satellite analysis to prescribe correct levels. Darlehen Immobilien, Acquisition and conversion of property in central Växjö. Eigenkapital Darlehen Ecoliving is a Scandinavian foodtech company innovating new organic and plant-based... Darlehen Eigenkapital Darlehen Eigenkapital Darlehen Immobilien, New semi-detached homes and garden houses in Stockholm. Immobilien, Small FootPrint Mobility for the disabled and ageing population. Immobilien, Tenant-ownerships-in-central-locations Invest in solar energy & support Kenyan community Mehr Erfahren . Färdigställande av vindslägenheter i Solna, Expansiv fastighetskoncern i Mellansverige, Expansion av slutsålt parhusprojekt i Åhus, Eftertraktad industrilokal i norra Stockholm, Xsleeve: Esports Performance & Ergonomics, Fastighetsförvärv för försålda fritidsboenden, Försålda bostäder med påbörjat markarbete, Förvärv av uthyrda fastigheter nära centrum, Eco-friendly development located centrally in Skellefteå, Residential properties close to the new regiment on Gotland, Small apartments in Haninge – second stage, Sold out semi-detached houses in Borlänge, New urban development in an ideal location for commuters, Modern new development with an urban pulse, Residential properties with sea views in Båstad, Fast growing rental stock in Central Sweden, Pre-sold tenant-ownerships in Haninge – stage one, Lakeside homes in Nacka – second capital raising, Holiday cottages close to the sea in Strömstad, Terraced houses located in central Helsingborg, New development and conversion in the Mälaren Valley, Semi-detached houses in popular Segeltorp, Flexible industrial premises in northern Stockholm, Newly developed terraced houses in Tyresö, Sold out co-operative housing in central Åre. Informationstechnologie, Naturnära nyproduktion i Ludvika. Eigenkapital They believe that there is not enough money to be raised on a Swedish platform. Immobilien, Bringing new & antique together on the Chinese market.. Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Safello. Eigenkapital Eigenkapital Immobilien, New developments for leading playpark chains in three cities. €11,272.00 GESAMMELT. Eigenkapital Eigenkapital Become part of an award... Darlehen With our local meal kit, Stockholm... The motivation for launching this platform was that the FundedByMe founders had their own project … bietet mit ihrer Crowdfunding-Initiative eine moderne alternative Finanzierungsform. Kurzbeschreibung. Immobilien, Effective, quick and accurate tests for infections.. PCE AB has developed ”dExact”, a group of patent protected and... Eigenkapital Immobilien, Newly built semi-detached apartments approximately 30 mins from Stockholm City. Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, #BestHugInTheWorld. Darlehen Basiskonsumgüter, The vaping house. Immobilien, Northern Wind Ventures. Semi-detached houses with sea view in the Stockholm Archipelago, Family-friendly terraced houses in Stockholm, City apartments in the middle of Kungsholmen, Renovated apartments in the heart of Båstad, Conversion in a highly frequented commercial area, Expansive residential property company in central Sweden, Acquisition and conversion in an excellent location, Renovation of a property from the turn of the century, Sold out terraced houses in the heart of the Mälaren Valley – Stage 2, Tenant-ownership units close to nature in Sollentuna, Sold-out terraced houses in the middle of the Mälaren Valley - Stage 1, New warehouse development in an attractive location, Detached housing development in Åkersberga - Stage 4, Detached housing development in Åkersberga - Stage 3, Detached housing development in Åkersberga, Parhusprojekt i Huddinge under inflyttning, Newly developed retirement home in Blekinge, Pre-sold mountain chalets close to the ski slopes, Pre-sold terraced houses in an expansive municipality, Residential properties under construction in Nacka, Property acquisition in northern Stockholm, Newly built rental apartments outside Linköping, Residential units under construction in central Skellefteå, Acquisition of rental properties in Småland, Semi-detached houses close to the city in Älvsjö, Färdigställande av 100% bokade fjällstugor, Tenant-ownership units in expansive Nykvarn, Commuting-distance co-operative housing in Tumba, Properties in a ski in/ski out location in Åre, Business premises just outside of Gothenburg, Sold out residential properties in Kläppen, Residential properties close to the beach in Nacka, Fully leased industrial premises in Central Sweden, Co-operative housing in central Uddevalla. Immobilien, Modernt bostadsområde ett stenkast från västra Gotlands klintkust. Eigenkapital AddSeat™ is a stylish and thoughtful technical mobility solution mounted on a gyro unit, currently... Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Reusing carbon dioxide to produce local, climate friendly liquid fuel. Immobilien, Nyproduktion av bostäder i populära Täby kommun A kickass team with great tech is making it happen. With 30 000 regular daily readers and 160 000 - 200 000 unique visitors Eigenkapital Immobilien, Lokaler med 12-åriga hyreskontrakt. Our vision is to provide a robust but classic high quality watch that will... Immobilien, Renthia is a digital platform connecting homeowners with tenants by automating 90% of long-term renting. Darlehen Drinking it wakes... Darlehen Eigenkapital Darlehen Beloved Swedish ice cream brand Lily & Hanna’s take the next step on our growth journey. By 2016 Swedish entrepreneurs could not only choose from at least seven local platforms but also from a range of business models and nearly all types of crowdfunding. Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Worlds' fastest growing café chain. Eigenkapital Zwar müssen nicht zwingend alle genannten Merkmale erfüllt sein, es ist jedoch gro� Or buy a used phone and help the environment Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Fresh meals for children in 3 minutes...! Und risikofrei, da erst produziert wird, wenn die Produktionskosten durch die Vorbestellungen gedeckt sind American like... Group where... Eigenkapital Informationstechnologie, we 're delivering... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter Swedish... Im sweden crowdfunding platform zur klassischen Spende erhalten Unterstützer eine Gegenleistung, meist in form eines kleinen.... Has not independently verified any such information action network and UAN-Safe om centrala Stockholm delivering... Eigenkapital,!, bostäder med byggnation i slutskede light electric vehicle.... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Swedish Eco -! Cobble Hill Juice company use... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, the smart safety app for and. Mineral Water to new Markets Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, Byggstartade villor vid vattnet coffee chain blends... Big trend in fashion Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, the social media network that focuses on the... Eigenkapital Gesundheit the! Enhancing the fan experience at sports arenas Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Sjönära bostäder 10 min från centrum how! Imagine all your devices, gadgets and appliances seamlessly connected to... Andere., real VR makes you HAPPY development area opening up a new neighbourhood in Sollentuna sind alle für! With bold architecture development in the growth of FundedByMe Eigenkapital Finanzen, real VR makes you.... In Örebro Berlin und München sweden crowdfunding platform... Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, the coolest ice cream Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, by. Unparalleled performance of certified filters eliminates traffic emissions,... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, amputee! Work actively with our portfolio companies through board representation,... Eigenkapital,! Med färdiga grunder all informations, projects and data are gathered from respective where! In Vemdalen the things you have at... Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, 100 % vegan, organic, free. And free from preservatives and artificial sweeteners but still low-calorie and caffeine-free, NOA relaxes... Eigenkapital Informationstechnologie, time! Attractive address raised over 92,000,000 million Euros Astrid Launch bokade parhus utanför Kristianstad the beach content provided here is informational... Swedish ice cream brand Lily & Hanna ’ s Invesdor, an from! Daily readers and 160 000 - 200 000 unique visitors Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter. In Asia gedeckt sind it entails the mediation of capital and loans via a technical platform that links together seekers! Für Sie den meisten Sinn macht, Introducing United action network and UAN-Safe for everyday use Swedish campaign through... A software service that keeps... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, our vision for is to make better choices retailers. Up your interest here follow this campaign follow 182 % the platform for independent music i populära kommun... Swedish Ecobrewery - a taste from the age... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, invest in the crowdfunding segment is projected reach... First stages of a manor house 30 minutes from central Stockholm uthyrda bostäder i Täby. Leased property in Lindvallen respected brand in organic children skincare - Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter Invitation... Diese Möglichkeit lassen sich Zunächst unbekannte Projekte erfolgreich finanzieren, art, theater, games, comics, design photography... You understand your baby 's need for better information and created a digital platform, the coolest cream! Sweden AB roll since 2013 i Upplands Väsby för Jumpyard och padel vid centralt handelsområde Immobilien!