I have never read any of this series, but this is what I know going into issue 10 of Sheriff of Babylon: Tom King, the writer, is a former CIA agent. August 18, 2016. By Tom King (Author) and Mitch Gerads (Illustrator) DC Comics/ Vertigo (Publisher) It’s 2003 in Iraq: Saddam Hussein has fallen, and the U.S. military occupies Baghdad. Sure the American-run Green Zone is safe, but outside that you could drag a kidnapped victim along the street and nobody will pay you any mind. Sheriff of Babylon is at it’s best when it’s addressing hard issues and using beautifully metaphorical language, which this issue has in spades. By. More on the future for these two creators later. Artvoice. The Sheriff Of Babylon Tweet Publisher: Vertigo Release: Dec 2015 - Nov 2016 Issues: 12 Collected Volumes: 3 Critic Reviews: 78 User Reviews: 241 THE SHERIFF OF BABYLON is a new eight-issue miniseries pulled from GRAYSON cowriter Tom King’s real-life experience as a CIA operations officer and is illustrated by Mitch Gerads, cocreator of The Activity “For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. One of the scariest things about the setting in this comic is how there is an untamed lawlessness. Right at the top of that list – the ‘tip of the spear’, if you will – is Sheriff of Babylon from Tom King and Mitch Gerads. “The Sheriff of Babylon” is a graphic novel penned by former CIA officer Tom King and artist Mitch Gerads, who also worked on other … He wanted to write a story that reflects some of what has been going on overseas since 9/11. 12 and the finale of the Vertigo Comics series. David Brooke. The CIA told him he could not write a story that in any Bang Written by Tom King Illustrated by Mitch Gerards Cover by John Paul Leon Published by Vertigo Comics ISBN: 978-1401264666 | Price $14.99 Release date: July 13, 2016 Crime and The Sheriff of Babylon Vol. A year later, King is the writer on freaking Batman coming off of great success not just here, but on Marvel's Vision. Bang. Review: The Sheriff of Babylon. on. Review: The Sheriff of Babylon #4. The fourth issue of The Sheriff of Babylon kicks off with some interesting Islamic history telling the story of Saffiya and by the end of this portion of the comic, you’ll begin to contemplate who the “sheriff” in the title actually is. Even better is the work of Mitch Gerads. His art has been fantastic thus far, with a great ability to render emotion as well as motion, creating the sense of a tightly shot TV show in every pannel. 1: Bang. Related: Comic Book Review: The Sheriff of Babylon #1. So, here we are, issue No. March 2, 2016. The Sheriff of Babylon #4 Review. Tom King has been the most consistently enjoyable new mainstream comics author I've read this year. My review here is for both the first and second volumes of King's The Sheriff of Babylon as I consider them a single story (obnoxiously) separated over two collections.